2012 Gobble Wobble 5K

Thanksgiving is the holiday that you sit and stuff your face all day long. In order to balance out some of the calorie intake, we decided to up our calorie outtake. As if running a 5K was going to cancel out the dent I was going to put in the food table. A girl can dream, right?

We made the event a family affair – everyone came. My sister, brother-in-law, nephews, mom, hubs, and my kiddos. My sis and I ran the 5K, the others did the 1 mile walk. I had seriously fallen off the exercise wagon. So, I was worried about the run. Again, I just wanted to finish and, God-willing, run the entire time.

Before the run – smiles all around!

Who’s ready to burn some calories??

It started out well enough. I had a decent pace for me and was on my way. Then I hit mile 1. It’s that time during a 5K that it feels like an eternity until the finish, but you are too far in to give up.  I kept going, at times my pace was barely at walking speed.  Actually, an older lady who was speed walking almost past me.  I thought, ‘over my dead body’ and pushed a little harder.

Starting out – this isn’t so bad.

Nearing the end. I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.

I came out of the woods and could see the finish line.  I then noticed Alex, my kids, my mom, my brother-in-law, and my nephews a bit ahead (they were returning from the walk).  As I neared them, Anna saw me and started running toward me.  She reached for me to pick her up.  I did, and attempted to jog with her in my arms.  I was so out of shape, and the finish line was still a bit away, I knew I wouldn’t make it.  I gave her to Alex and kept going toward the finish.  All I could hear was Anna crying hysterically.  I couldn’t stop, I was so close.  As I crossed the finish line, it took every bit of me to not throw up or sit down.  I told myself to keep walking.  I was so out of shape, it was sad.  I finally composed myself enough to calm Anna down and hold her.  My sister made it across the finish line, and we moved our troops to the car.  There was food that needed to be eaten, after all!

Official Time (5K or 3.1 miles): 41:19