Miss Aimee B’s Tea Room

My mom and I took Anna to get her first pedicure the other day.  After her nails were freshly polished, my mom had the wonderful idea of capping the experience with lunch at Miss Aimee B’s Tea Room.  What better for a girl’s day than lunching at a tea room, right?

Isn’t it quaint?!

The tea room is inside a home that was built in 1865 and is on the historical register.  The restaurant actually gets its name from the previous owner, Miss Aimee Marie Louise Becker.  Fabulous home with really pretty architecture.  You kind of enter a time warp when you go in.

Pretty cool, huh?

When the weather is nice, you can eat at tables in the gardens.  We opted to go inside to give Anna the full experience.  It was her first time at a tea room, after all.

Ladies who lunch

Miss Aimee B’s is known for their lemonade.  Get this, it’s made with milk.  I know what you are thinking, but I promise it’s really good.  Give it a try.

Milk Lemonade

While they are known for their quiche and salads, they also have a killer mac & cheese.


If you are in the area and looking for a really sweet place to lunch, check it out.  Venture upstairs to browse their marketplace and be sure to check out the original clawfoot tub in the bathroom.  Don’t worry if you are a guy or there’s a guy with you.  Real men dine in tea rooms.

The Details:

Miss Aimee B’s Tea Room

837 First Capitol Drive

Saint Charles, MO 63301

Phone: 636.946.4202


Closed on Sundays


Opening the Pandora’s Box of Pedicures

We are in major prep-mode for our upcoming beach vacation.  (Can I get a ‘hallelujah’?!?!)  On the official pre-vacation to-do list was for me to show my nasty feet some major TLC and get a pedicure instead of constantly applying more layers of nail polish to hide my toe roots.  Anna has been slightly obsessed with having her nails painted recently.  To appease her habit, I roughly polish her nails (and all the skin around them) with some kid-friendly nail polish at home and we call it a day.  However, a friend of mine (with a daughter that is Anna’s age) recently took her daughter to the nail salon to have a professional do the job.  She told me that her daughter loved it.  I had been putting it off because I didn’t think that Anna would sit still or be okay with the whole thing.  But, I decided that in light of our upcoming trip, it was a good time to try it out.

About a week before the big day, I started to talk to Anna about it.  She was clearly, very excited.  I explained that we were going to go to a salon to get our nails done and that she had to sit extremely still and not touch her nails until they were dry.  She saw pictures of her friend who had her nails done, and she asked if she could have a flower on her toe like her friend had.  I told her she could and we started talking about polish colors.  She was so, so excited.

The morning of the big ‘pedicure’ came and Anna was thrilled.  She opted to wear her go-to frilly dress that she always sets aside for big occasions and her light-up butterfly flip-flops (those look as classy as they sound).  To accessorize, she asked if she could pick out a necklace from my closet.  Not wanting to rain on her parade, I allowed it.  Anna picked out three necklaces to wear. Go big or go home, I say. My mom arrived at the house to witness the big event (and to help if Anna decided she wasn’t having it), and we were off to the nail salon.

Oh, the choices!!

I’ll have one of each shade of purple you have.

Poor thing, she wasn’t excited at all.

Anna kept asking what they were doing to my feet.  The poor girl who got stuck with me was breaking into a sweat working on my feet.  I told you – they were rough.  Anna asked if my feet were going to be as soft as hers.  When I told her they would, the poor girl started scrubbing really hard.  I wanted to tell her that I had realistic expectations.  I wasn’t going for baby soft, more like a fine grit sandpaper.

Eventually, Anna was taken to another chair to have her nails painted.  She sat as still as a stone and was blowing on her nails after polish was applied.  What a natural! Color of choice – purple with purple glitter.  And she got not one, but two flowers on each big toe.

Notice how she’s holding her right hand.

Once I was done (or when my girl had passed out from exhaustion), I walked over to the dryer.  Anna followed and climbed into a chair next to me, messing up one of her big toes in the process.  Not messing up your freshly painted nails is a lesson that has to be learned over time.

If a watched pot never boils, do stared at nails ever dry?

To cap off the occasion, we hit up an area tea room (Miss Aimee B’s) to have a ladies lunch. The ladies were over the top for Anna.  She got a ton of comments on her outfit, and a compliment from the owner for being on her best behavior .  (Allow me to go polish my parenting trophy.)

Ladies who lunch…

All-in-all, we had a blast.  Anna was over the moon for the whole thing and was completely in her element.  The only issue, now she keeps asking me when we are going back.  We’ve officially created a monster.