Weight Watchers

I’ve had weight issues for as long as I can remember.  I was always bigger than other kids and I knew that I had to watch what I ate because I didn’t have the same sky-high metabolism that my friends did.  I’m not going to lie – it sucked.  I’ve always been conscious of how I looked and how much I weigh, and I’m dreading the day that Anna steps into that world.  I’m determined to give her a better body image than I have.  So, in January of 2012, Alex and I signed up (again) at Weight Watchers.  Throughout the years, I’ve done more diets that I can count.  You name it, I most likely tried it.  And guess what – none of them really worked for me, except Weight Watchers.  Time after time, I would go back to Weight Watchers.  Makes me wonder why I ever tried anything else…

This time has been different, though.  Alex and I really made it a way of living, instead of just a way of eating.  We were doing amazing – I was down 65 pounds!  And then we hit a major slump.  That slump has taken us through winter and we’ve both gained a bit back.  Going back to where we started is not an option.  So, we’re heading down the Weight Watchers road again:

Weight Graph

Food Journals Training Logs


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