A Day in the Life

Right now, I’m living the dream. Let me emphasize – LIVING THE FREAKING DREAM.  On the day of this post, I am 36 week pregnant with #3.  I’ve been on bedrest in some form for 7 weeks now.  Initially it was due to me having too many contractions. Now it’s because my blood pressure has been rising.  I’ve made several trips to labor and delivery already and won’t be surprised if I end up there a couple more times before the big day.  I went to my OB’s office on Monday and my blood pressure was 162/110 (I’ve developed pre-eclampsia, so my blood pressure will continue to rise until I deliver. No amount of relaxing or being calm with lower it, it’s just how my body responds to being pregnant. Medicine can help and I’ve been taking that for a couple weeks now. The only ‘fix’ is having the baby.) and I’ve had this headache for a week now that won’t go away.  After doing the rest of his checks, he sent met to good old labor and delivery to be monitored.  He told me that based on the results, he was either inducing me or admitting me.  It was a bit intense.  Turns out that even though my pressure is high when sitting up, it lowers enough when I’m laying down that my doctor is comfortable with it for the time being.  My blood work and fluid level was good and the baby looked good on the monitor.  There was no medical reason to induce at 35 weeks, so the solution was to send me home sticking to strict bedrest and close monitoring by both of my doctors. The goal is to make it to 37 weeks and then induce if I don’t go into labor on my own before then. I’m exactly 36 weeks today, which is when I delivered Luke. If I make it to midnight, it will be the longest I’ve ever been pregnant.

So, I’m at home with orders to lay around all day long. I’m not even allowed to drive my kids to school. It sounds super sexy, but it’s miserable. Like, incredibly miserable. I’ve been benched for almost two months of my year. TWO MONTHS, people. Time doesn’t stop because I can’t do things, especially when you have kids. They have had a difficult time handling it. On top of all the end of pregnancy aches and pains, my headache has been pretty constant for a week.  I was given percocet with instructions to use that to control the headache, but who wants to be a narc daze all the time? I certainly don’t. The high blood pressure makes me feel overall crappy. It almost feels like I have the flu. I’m dizzy and rundown. My entire body just feels off. My hands and feet are really swollen and itchy. Plus, I’ve had all the signs of early labor – baby has dropped, I have a backache, cramping, increased contractions, lost the old mucus plug (go ahead and swallow the throw up in your mouth), and so on. See, I’m miserable. And if you ask Alex, I’m being a bit of a bitch. I apologize to no one right now. NO ONE. Anyway, without further ado, here’s how my day looked:

October 22, 2014: 

2:30 am – I wake up to potty. It’s pretty standard at this point. I potty and make my way back to bed. It takes some moving and grunting to get comfortable. It happens and I’m able to fall asleep pretty quickly.

5:09 am – Up again to potty.  I lay back down and realize that I’m having some contractions. So, I time them for a while. They aren’t consistent and eventually die off. My headache is back. Lovely.

5:45 am – Anna makes her way into our bed and immediately cuddles up with Alex. Fine by me. I don’t want to disrupt my pillow arrangement anyway.

6:30 am – Alex is up, showered, and dressed for work.  He feeds the dogs and lets them out to potty.  Anna makes her way downstairs.  The TV comes on and Alex fixes her a bowl of cereal and leaves for work. I get up and pull some clothes on. Actually, I hobble around trying to put my pants on without tipping over. I brush my teeth and puke in the sink. I manage to not pee my pants while heaving, so I add that to the win column. I grab clothes for the kids and head downstairs.


6:50 am – Anna is eating cereal at the kitchen table. I make a bowl for myself and join her. She wants to ‘share’ which really means that she wants to eat my cereal. I give in.


7:00 am – Luke putters downstairs and immediately start asking for milk. He then requests chocolate donuts. I give him both because they are easy and he’s now happy and quiet. No judging, people. These are desperate times we are living in.


7:30 am – I plant myself on the couch and get the kids dressed. They somewhat listen, and we manage to get it done.

7:35 am – My mom arrives to help out. She gets their lunches packed, brushes their teeth, and plays with the kids for a bit. For anyone who doesn’t appreciate your mother, I should kick you in the throat. I should, but I can’t get my leg that high right now. I take a potty break.


8:30 am – Mom leaves to drop the kids off at school. I park myself on the couch and turn on an episode of The People’s Couch. It’s a show where you watch people watch TV. It sounds crazy, but it’s hilarious. Seriously – it’s my new favorite show. I crack open the laptop to work on some emails to clients and to send in a print order.  I take another potty break.


9:30 am – My mom is back (she brought me a tea) and is not that impressed with The People’s Couch. She obviously doesn’t know what’s funny. I turn on the end of Kelly and Michael and then take another potty break. Mom proceeds to clean out her purse.


10:00 am – Kelly and Michael is over. I’m still working on my laptop, so I turn on an episode of Criminal Minds. I love Criminal Minds, but it’s making me think that we are all destined to be murdered or abducted. I’m paranoid enough being a parent, these crime shows just totally get inside my head. We’ve been watching quite a bit of them lately, so that may have something to do with it. My mom snaps green beans. I use the potty again.


11:00 am – Criminal Minds is over. My mom pretends to not like it, but I know she secretly does. You’re welcome, Mom. I turn on The Price is Right. It’s not the same without Bob, but what can you do? I take the time to clip my finger nails. Glad I was able to squeeze that into my busy schedule. The tea hits me and I pee three times in 20 minutes.


11:30 am – My work is done on my laptop, so I change things up a bit and start a crossword puzzle. It’s getting crazy in here!


11:40 am – I take another potty break and watch my mom vacuum most of the first floor. I’ve been sitting around watching the dirt pile up on the floor and it’s been driving me batty because I can’t fix it. So, Mom steps in and gets it done. I instantly feel calmer. Moms rule.


12:00 pm – Alex comes home for lunch. He works really close to our house, so we eat lunch together most days. He asks me more than a handful of times if I’m having contractions.


12:15 pm – Mom heads to pick up Luke a bit early from his school. He has a hearing test that we didn’t want to reschedule.

12:45 pm – Alex heads back to work and I go potty again. I let the dogs out to potty too. Potty breaks all around! I go back to my most pressing concern, my crossword puzzle.

1:30 pm – I’m a total badass and complete the entire crossword puzzle. Boom. I waddle upstairs and take a shower. I put on clean clothes – yoga pants and a shirt. Why get fancy? Heck, I didn’t even wear underwear yesterday. Remember, we aren’t judging right now.


2:00 pm – I’m back on the couch. Surprise, surprise. Mom called to let me know that Luke passed his hearing test (awesome sauce) and that they are headed home. I closed my eyes for a bit while I waited for them.


2:20 pm – They are back. Luke fell asleep in the car, so Mom carries him to me and lays him down to cuddle on the couch with me. I squeeze on my boy and smell his hair. It’s equal parts sweet and dirty – exactly how you expect a boy to smell. I close my eyes. Mom puts the green beans on the stove, cleans some smudges off the back slider and around the front door, and then vacuums the floor in the kitchen.


3:15 pm – Luke starts stirring and wakes up. He instantly wants a cup of milk. Mom brings him some and he downs it within seconds. He then demands that I take his pants and shirt off. The kid refuses to wear clothes at home.


3:30 pm – Mom heads out to pick Anna up from school. Luke requests to watch Bubble Guppies. I turn the stupid TV back on (I’m totally over TV at this point) and pull up an episode of Bubble Guppies. I play on my phone for a while while Luke learns invaluable life lessons.


4:00 pm – Mom is back home with Anna. Anna fell asleep in the car as well, so she is also carried in and finishes her nap on the couch. I take another potty break.


4:15 pm – One of our sweet neighbors pops in to drop off food for dinner. We have the best friends, family, and neighbors. Being out of commission for 7 weeks has been really hard on everyone, so having people help out has been a lifesaver. I’m not sure how we would have gotten through without people helping us. I’m not trying to be dramatic. We literally would have fallen apart at the seams.

4:30 pm – Mom spends some serious playtime with Luke.  First they sword fight and then they roll a ball back and forth on the floor. I go potty … again.


4:50 pm – Alex walks in through the garage door, he feeds the dogs, changes his clothes, and then relaxes on the couch. Anna wakes up and eats an apple.


5:30 pm – Luke decides that he needs to go potty on the toilet, so he takes himself into the bathroom and drops this undies and diaper. Alex finds him sitting on the toilet putting tiny pieces of toilet paper in the bowl. Luke gets up, so I go in to use the potty again. Alex finishes getting dinner ready.

5:40 pm – For some reason, I’m not hungry. I can feel that my blood pressure has gotten high, so I lay on the couch while my family eats dinner.


6:00 pm – Dinner is done. Alex gets the kids ready and goes outside to play. Shortly after, they come tromping back in because it’s too cold to play outside. Luke is being really fussy.  Two/almost three is such a fun age (can you detect the sarcasm??). They head to the basement and I stay laying on the couch.

6:45 pm – A major fight breaks out in the playroom.  It started with Luke kicking Anna’s dollhouse.  It ended with Anna on top of Luke punching him on his back. Major disciplining ensued and more crying happened. Maybe one day they will get along. Right?? Alex makes them hug it out and then marches them upstairs to immediately go to bed. They lost story time as one of their punishments.

7:00 pm – The kids are in their rooms. Alex and I are laying on the couch (story of my life). We talk about renting a movie. He finishes watching one of his stupid car shows. Anna tries to weasel her way downstairs. I stop her in her tracks and make her go back upstairs.

7:27 pm – We decide to rend Million Dollar Arm. Since the Cardinals aren’t in the World Series and we don’t have baseball to watch, the next best thing is watching a movie about baseball. I only had to potty twice during the movie and Anna only tried once more to come downstairs. Not too shabby.


9:18 pm – My contractions start up again. I start timing them thinking this might be the start of something. It wasn’t. The taper off yet again.

9:30 pm – The movie is over. Great movie – you should watch it! Alex clicks over to see what’s happening with Game 2 of the World Series. Not that I’m rooting for the Royals, but it makes me happy to see them creaming the Giants. I can’t stand those f-ers.

9:45 pm – Alex is tired and decides to go up to bed.  I’m not tired – most likely due to the fact that I haven’t expended any energy during the day. See, bedrest sounds fabulous until you realize that it totally screws you up. I turn on a recorded episode of Ellen.

9:50 pm – Ellen cuts off because of a special news report. I am really over TV right now, but it still annoys me.

9:55 pm – Ellen resumes. I watch the rest of the episode while I finish up this post.

10:45 pm – Ellen is over so I turn off the TV for the night. (Until we meet again tomorrow, old friend). I make my way upstairs, brush my teeth without incident, and crawl into bed. I have a full day of laying around tomorrow so I need my rest. I also know that I will be up every 2 hours to potty during the night, so it’s probably best to get an early start with it. On the upside, it looks like this will be my longest pregnancy so all this crap seems to be worth it.


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