Baking Baby Abby – Updates

Baby Abby and I are hanging in there.  I’m still feeling pretty blah.  I’m better than the first few months, but still struggling a bit.  I’m over half way done (especially if she comes early, which is what we are all expecting), so I see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I just keep telling myself, ‘it’s going to be worth it’ and ‘it’s almost over’.  More importantly, Abby is looking wonderful! That’s really all that matters. Just a few updates about what’s going on:

– We had the anatomy scan and Abby is looking perfect!  She’s measuring perfectly and everything is where it should be and looks how it should look.  We are so, so thankful for that report!

– The heat is killing me! By the end of the day, my feet and ankles are so swollen.  It’s gross. Have I mentioned how much I hate the women who float through pregnancy??? 

– My ass continues to be a pin cushion with my weekly shots. They are miserable, but seem to help with contractions.  So, I’ll take the pain, itchiness, mood swings (sorry, Alex), and exhaustion.  I found out that one vial of this medicine (which is 5 weeks worth of doses) costs $3000.  Can you believe that?  There’s only one company in the US that manufactures it and the price is ridiculously high.  I smell a conspiracy.  Really, I can smell just about anything right now thanks to good ol’ preggo nose.  Luckily we have insurance that covers it.  But, I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if we didn’t.

– I have been totally scatterbrained with this baby.  I’ve always said that pregnancy makes you flighty, but it’s been so much worse this time.  Maybe it’s because I have two other kiddos to chase around or maybe you never recover those brain cells that a baby takes from you.  I might just be a pile of mush by the end of it.  Anyway, I was getting ready to have a cervical length ultrasound (which is done transvaginaly) and I realized that I forgot to use soap in the shower that morning.  There’s nothing quite as humbling as trying to do a quick hoe bath in the doctor’s office bathroom while you are suppose to be leaving a urine sample.  Two days later, I was in the middle of a photo shoot and realized that I didn’t put on deodorant.  If I make it through this, it’s going to be a miracle.

– I saw my high risk OB last week and had my 11th ultrasound for this pregnancy.  He was concerned because my cervix has shortened a bit.  It’s still long, but it’s shorter than what it was before.  He said it makes him feel uneasy.  I was suppose to go back 4 weeks later for a recheck, but he wasn’t comfortable waiting that long.  I’ll go again in 2 weeks for ultrasound #12.  He’s mentioned possibly doing a cerclage and he’s talked about early bedrest.  I know that I will be on bedrest, but my doctors are thinking it shouldn’t be until mid-September.  So, send some long cervix vibes my way!!

– Alex was told that he is attending this leadership conference for work in Arkansas.  The group does rope courses and trust falls in the woods.  It all sounds a little ‘Deliverance’ for me, but Alex seems excited.  I worry because he’s a really big guy.  You never want to be the biggest guy in a trust fall exercise.  Back to the point of this – the conference is November 17-21.  My due date is November 19.  I had a bit of freak out when he told me about it.  However, we’ve talked to my doctors about it.  My regular OB thinks there’s a slim chance that I’ll actually make it to my due date.  My high risk told me there’s 0% chance.  He said that I should be more concerned about lining up help for me that week instead of Alex missing the birth of our child.  I guess that makes me feel better?!?!

– My high risk is starting to get paranoid about my pregnancy.  Read: shit is starting to get real.  He’s concerned about my cervix (see above). He’s also worried about the contractions I’ve been having.  At my appointment, he told me that around 30 weeks is when we will have to really work at keeping me pregnant – meaning medicine, bedrest, and monitoring.  He’s just anxiously waiting for us to arrive at that cliff.  Our goal is to make it to 37 weeks.  Now, if someone could inform my uterus of that…

– In non-uterus news, we’ve started the nursery!! I want to have everything ready by the middle-to-end of August so that I’m not trying to get things done when I’ve been told to take it easy.  I honestly can’t wait to share pictures of the finished nursery! Be on the edge of your seats in the meantime, okay? 


Abby is clearly stressed out at 21 weeks…


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