The Big Reveal!

A little history before I go into our reveal:

With this pregnancy, my doctor requested that I have a first trimester genetic screening done in order to ensure that we are taking all the precautions for my history of preterm labor with a genetically sound baby.  Before you get in an uproar, we are talking about genetic conditions that are incompatible with life, not conditions such as Downs Syndrome.  Anyway, I ended up having a relatively new test done where they take some blood from me.  Apparently when placental cells die, they make their way to my bloodstream to be discarded.  The lab that does the test can separate my cells from the placental cells.  They can then acquire DNA information from the placental cells and look for things such as Downs, several of the trisomies, and defects with the sex chromosomes.  Because they have the baby’s DNA, they can also determine (with 98% accuracy) what sex the baby is.  I had the test on a Monday when I was a couple days shy of 12 weeks.  I got the results Friday morning when I was 12 weeks and 2 days.

The reveal:

I was at Luke’s school doing parent led therapy with his educator.  I heard my phone ring and thought that I should check it.  Luke’s educator took over his therapy while I stepped out.  The caller ID was blocked, but I had a funny feeling it might be my test results.  I was told when I took the test that it would be 4-14 days for the results.  I was hoping that they would come closer to the 4 day side because I’m really impatient.  I answered the phone and the nurse explained that she had my results for me.  The wonderful news is that the baby tested negative for everything that they looked for!!  What a relief.  She then asked me if I would like to know the gender.  My heart was pounding in my ears as I quickly said that I would.  She then said, ‘the results indicate that you are carrying a girl’.  I thought I had a girl in there, but I was refusing to believe it. I was thrilled and shocked.  It was an awesome feeling.  Another little girl!  Wow!

I walked back into the room and must have had a crazy look on my face.  Luke’s educator asked if everything was okay.  I said that everything was more than okay! I didn’t want the kids to know about the baby being a girl yet, so I wrote ‘we are having a girl’ on a piece of paper and showed to the educator.  We quickly finished up the therapy session and Anna and I went on our way while Luke went to school.  Our next stop was Hobby Lobby.  I had already made ‘Big Sis’ and ‘Big Bro’ shirts for Anna and Luke.  Now that we knew what we were working with, I wanted to get a onesie and the ‘Lil Sis’ applique.  Luckily Anna didn’t ask what the applique said and she remained in the dark about what we were having. I also planned on making cupcakes with pink filling to reveal to Alex and the kids at dinner.  It was eating away at me to not tell Alex.   I’m going to fill you in on a little secret – I’m HORRIBLE at surprises.  I get so excited I want to spill the beans.  It’s how I’ve always been.

We headed to the grocery store and I gathered supplies for cupcakes along with a few other things we needed.  After loading the groceries and Anna in the car, it was too much for me to take.  I sent Alex a text telling him that I had a surprise for him.  He replied asking what it was.  I asked him what he thought it was.  His next reply was ‘do we know gender’?  Apparently he can read me like a book.  I told him that we did but that I wanted to tell him in person because I wanted to see his reaction.  We decided that I would head to his work after taking the groceries home so I could spread the news.  So, I raced home and quickly put the groceries away.  As I was driving to Alex’s office, I called my mom to invite her and my dad to dinner.  I had to be really careful with my words so I didn’t slip.  I also called my sister to invite her family.  Neither of them knew that we had found out the baby’s gender.

I arrived at Alex’s work and waited for what seemed like 22 years for him to come out.  It was probably more like 10 minutes, but I was so excited to show him.  Once he got to the car, I asked him what he thought the baby was – one last prediction.  Up until that point, he thought the baby was a boy.  In that moment he said he thought the baby was a girl.  I explained that he had to be careful with his reaction because Anna still didn’t know.  I had him look at the Hobby Lobby applique and this was his reaction:



Alex was thrilled.  I started crying.  Don’t judge me.  I have a ton of hormones going on right now…

Once Alex ran back into work, Anna and I raced to Luke’s school to pick him up.  We ate lunch and Luke went down for a nap.  I got busy baking the cupcakes for that evening.  Anna was happily watching TV while I baked the cupcakes, scooped out the inside, filled them with pink icing, and frosted the top with unassuming white icing.  We were ready to surprise the kids and my family.

Alex came home and my family made their way to the house.  We finished cooking dinner and everyone ate.  I was having a hard time making conversation with everyone because I was worried I would slip up.  Every time I looked at the cupcakes my heart would skip a beat.  I was too excited to eat very much, but everyone else seemed to be taking their time with their food.  Again, maybe it was just because I was really excited.  Once everyone finished eating and the dishes were cleaned up, I said it was time for cupcakes.  Before anyone grabbed one, I told them about the call I had received that morning and that the baby was testing as healthy.  I also explained that Alex and I knew the sex of the baby.  I went on to explain that the inside of the cupcakes have either pink or blue filling to reveal.  Everyone was shocked that I hadn’t already spilled the news (I told you I have quite the reputation) and were so excited to find out.  We decided that Anna would be the one to open a cupcake (with Alex’s help) and show everyone.   I was sure to explain to her that if the inside of the cupcake was pink that we were having a girl baby and if it was blue that meant the baby was a boy.  I should add that from the instant we told Anna she was going to have another baby brother or sister, she has been adamant that the baby is a girl.  For a while she even refused to believe there was a chance the baby could be a boy.  She has always maintained that the baby is a girl.  Always.  See the video of the big reaction below:

We are all pretty excited! Anna is over the moon thinking about her baby sister.  Luke is excited, although I’m sure he doesn’t realize what this really means for him.  Alex and I are so excited for another girl (especially Alex since Anna is such a daddy’s girl).  We’ve had some conversations that go something like ‘think of all the shoes and clothes those two will want at some point’ or ‘we have to pay for two weddings down the road’.  It’s sinking in what having two girls really means… We’ll be just fine, I’m sure! Pray for us.




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  1. Congrats

    On Tuesday, May 13, 2014, The People Parsons wrote: > thePeopleParsons posted: “A little history before I go into our reveal: With this pregnancy, my doctor requested that I have a first trimester genetic screening done in order to ensure that we are taking all the precautions for my history of preterm labor with a genetically sou” >

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