What the heck happened?!?

Well, life happened and I took a pause from blogging.  Actually, quite a bit of life happened, so I decided to carve out a little time and do some general updates on what’s going on with the People Parsons.

– My photography business has exploded.  I couldn’t be happier with how people seem to be receiving my work! Plus, I’m loving it!  Because of that, all my free time has been devoted to my business.  It might explain why this site has been a bit quiet lately.  Seriously though, starting my own photography business has been amazing.  I meet so many interesting and fun people.  I love interacting with all the kids and snuggling with the newborns.  That newborn smell is intoxicating! The kids are enjoying me being at home with them (although they tell me that they love their Daddy more – absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?).  All-in-all, it just feels right.

Easter2014 5

– Anna seems to have hit the teenage emotions as soon as she turned 4.  She’s been a total handful lately.  I think I’ll be glad that she’s strong willed and independent at some point.  For now, I would love to be able to tell her to put her shoes on without getting attitude thrown at me.  Say a prayer for when she actually does hit the teen years.

Parsons 27 copy

– Luke has followed the attitude trend and has worked his way into the terrible twos.  We are dealing.  The big news with my little man is that in January he had a hearing test and his whole line on the audiogram shifted into normal.  It’s really crazy and no one can definitively explain what’s going on.  You don’t have a sensorineural hearing loss that just disappears.  It just doesn’t happen.  Right now, he has a fluctuating hearing loss that happened to fluctuate into the normal range.  It’s really rare and in almost all cases the loss returns.  I could write a novel about this, but I’ll spare you for now.  I promise to write a post all about Luke’s hearing for those that are interested.  In a nutshell, he’s hearing normally at this point without his hearing aids.  He is being closely monitored with monthly hearing tests to track what his hearing is doing.  It’s a wait and see kind of thing, which I totally suck at…

Easter2014 12

– Let’s see, what other news would we have.  Hmmmm.  I can’t think of much. Oh, except this one other tiny thing.  So, I’m pregnant! There’s that. 🙂 Alex and I had pretty much decided that we were done.  Well, Alex knew for a long time that he was done and I was wavering but heading toward being done.  We sold 98% of our baby gear and all of my maternity clothes because we thought that Luke was our last.  And then, one weekend we decided to paint our master bedroom.  When we built the house six years ago, the walls were painted a flat ivory and that’s how they stayed until recently.  So, we painted and hung curtains.  It felt like a resort so we decided to celebrate.  And now I’m due in November with Bonus Baby Parsons.  November 19th to be exact.  The moral of the story is that you shouldn’t ever sell your baby gear and never give your master bedroom a makeover.  After the initial shock went away, we are really excited.  Even the kids are excited.  Correction – Luke has no idea what’s coming and Anna is only excited if the baby is a girl.  We should know in less than two weeks if Anna is going to be totally on board or not.

Parsons Announcement 8 copy
Parsons Announcement 6


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