A Day in the Life

People are constantly saying to me, ‘Lisa – your life seems so glamorous.  I am dying to know how you spend every second of your day.’  Actually, no one has ever said that to me.  I just like to pretend that people are interested and for the purpose of this post, you are.  Because (as you may have guessed by my catchy title and sassy intro) I’m about to walk you through this past hump day.  (Hey Mike! Mike, Mike, Mike! What day is it?)  Allow me to set the scene.  Alex was at home this day and Luke was set to go to school.  A friend had just had a baby and we had lunch plans.  You know – a typical Wednesday.

7:13 – Luke starts yelling from the corner of his crib where he can see our room from his room.  He’s manically yelling for me because he knows that Alex won’t hear him and even if he does he lays there until I get up.  Jerk.  Lucy runs into the loft and starts scratching her neck like a crackhead to make the tags on her collar clink together.  She does it because she knows when we wake up she gets breakfast, so she likes to speed up the process.  Soon, everyone is up and on their feet.  I throw Luke in the shower with me to get us both clean.  Alex changes out the laundry and him and Anna head downstairs to feed the dogs and get breakfast together.  Luke and I get dressed in our Cardinals gear (it just happened to be the day of game five of the NLDS).  Luke made his way downstairs to grab some breakfast before hitting the road.  I’m running late, and all of my good pants are in the dryer.  That’s what happens when you wash blues and blacks together.  I grab a pair of damp jeans from the dryer and pull them on.

7:59 – Luke and I pile in the shaggin wagon (or minivan if you want to be boring).  I point it in the direction of his school, which is 30 minutes away.  I tell myself that our commute is nothing compared to the people who have relocated for their child to attend.  Or the wives whose husbands live in another state with their other children while they live here for their hearing impaired child to attend Moog.  30 minutes is nothing, right?  The plan for today was for Anna to stay at home with Alex so I could get a few things done while Luke was in school.  My legs were itching from the wet pants.  I did my best to ignore it.

Who doesn’t love a good car selfie?!?

8:30 – We arrive at school right as class is starting.  I rush Luke inside and to his room.  He’s past the days of crying when I leave him.  Now, he doesn’t even turn back – he just walks in like he’s 6 and owns the place.  Luke instantly visits several stations in the room before his Educator of the Deaf comes in to pull him for one-on-one therapy.  I head back to the car, passing the book fair that is set up in the lobby.  Don’t you remember how awesome it was to have book fairs?  Man, I loved those as a kid.

8:44 – I’m back in the car and head toward St. Luke’s Hospital.  A friend had a baby the day before and I wanted to go meet the little guy.

8:55 – I arrived at the hospital and found the room.  Little Charlie is freaking adorable.  Calm down, my aching uterus.

Serious head sniffing happened.

9:53 – I left the hospital, resisting the urge to stick a baby in my purse to take home.  I headed down to the area that I had plans for lunch in search of somewhere to sit and work for a bit.  I found a St. Louis Bread Company.  That’s the same as a Panera, for all you outsiders.  I grabbed a soda and a little something to eat (had yet to actually eat anything at this point).  I found a table and powered up my computer.  I had a shoot that needed to be edited, so I started picking away at that.  While I worked, Alex was at home getting himself and Anna cleaned up and dressed.  They hopped in the car to meet for lunch.  I packed up to head to our lunch date.

Eat your heart out, Panera.

Brings me back to my college days.

10:45 – I left St. Louis Bread, heading west on Manchester.  I got about 2 miles down the road when I realized that I was going the wrong way.  I had to turn around (not an easy task on that road) and head back.

11:00 – Arrived at Pasta House (another St. Louis staple) and ate lunch with my cousin, Alex, and Anna.  My cousin has a bun in the oven, so we wanted to give her some of Luke’s smaller clothes.  And we wanted to catch up.  I just love my cousin.

11:47 – Left Pasta House with a takehome order for Luke.  Raced to Moog with Alex right behind me to grab Luke.

12:00 – arrived at Moog at the exact time school was letting out.  Was one of the last parents to get their child from Luke’s room.  Parent fail.  Grabbed his folder and bag and brought him to the lobby.  Because his school goes until noon and is half an hour from home, we have to feed him lunch in the lobby.  If you get him in the car, he falls asleep.  There are several other kids who are in the same boat, so we all eat lunch together in the lobby.  They are affectionately known as the ‘Lunch Bunch’.  It’s also the time that Luke puts his moves on his girlfriend Sophia (a friend from his class) and tries to eat her lunch.  Sophia always lets him.  The book fair was still going strong, so we let both kids pick out a book.  Luke quickly settled on a farm animal book that makes noise.  Anna pointed at a book with a cat on it and exclaimed, ‘It’s Pete the Cat!’  I looked at the book and realized she was right.  Now, I’ve never heard of Pete the Cat so I was a little shocked.  She then went on to say, ‘yeah – and his groooovy buttons’.  I realized again that she was right.  So, Anna went home with ‘Pete the Cat and his Groovy Buttons’.  Turns out to be a really cute book.

Hey Gurl – can I get a bite of your samich?

12:31 – back in the car again.  Story of our life.  Heading home.

1:02 – Pulled in at home.  Luke fell asleep in the car, so we transferred him into the house to take a nap.  Anna was put in her room to take a fake nap.  She’s been skipping naps pretty frequently lately. So, instead of sleeping – Anna roams around her room making messes.  I decided to close my eyes and relax a bit.  As my grandmother would say – I’m just resting my eyes.

1:46 – The doorbell rings.  It never fails.  It’s a UPS delivery.  I get up and get the package.  I set up my computer to do a little more work.  Ended up answering some emails and continued working on editing a shoot.

2:57 – Luke wakes up angry and crying.  I head upstairs to calm him down and I can hear Anna yelling at him to stop crying.  I find Anna sitting on the toilet going poop.  She has changed clothes and informs me that she is wearing rock star panties.  Luke has peed through his diaper and all over his pants.  I wipe both kids down and we head downstairs.  They requested a snack, so I gave them each milk and raisins to munch on.  I continued to work on the shoot I was editing.  Alex surfaced just as snack was ending and turned on an episode of Bubble Guppies.  I finished up what I could with the shoot I was working on.

3:42 – The energy level was at a boiling point, so we headed out front to play.  The sun hits the back of our house in the afternoon, so we typically play out back in the morning and in the front in the evening.  Plus, we enjoy seeing our neighbors (because they are freaking awesome) and there’s always someone milling around when we go out front.  Today was no exception! A couple neighbors came over to chat.  The kids played with their bikes, cars, and sidewalk chalk.  Then Luke resorted to his usual – hitting everything with a plastic golf club and throwing rocks.

Wanna race?

5:15 – I head inside to get dinner ready.  I also opt to mix up some cupcakes in honor of our Cardinals.  Rally Cupcakes, if you will.  Really, I just wanted a cupcake.  Dinner is simple.  We were given some smoked ribs, so I heated those up with some potato salad and strawberries.  Quick and easy – just the way I like it.

Taking one for the team!

5:45 – Dinner is ready, the front yard is picked up, and everyone is inside.  I make the mistake of telling the kids that they can have a cupcake if they eat a good dinner.  Anna understands, but Luke only hears the word ‘cake’.  He instantly starts asking for cake.  We keep telling him that he has to eat some of his dinner first.  Hysterics ensue.  Luke lost his mind and cried for 15 minutes straight.  We tried rationalizing, time out, force feeding, ignoring – nothing worked.  He kept saying, ‘I want cake’. It comes out like ‘I wan cae’, but it’s obvious what his intentions are.  We keep telling him that he has to eat something for dinner first.  He screams even louder.

First World Problems – my mom told me I had to eat two bites of my dinner before eating cake.

6:09 – Dinner is over and everything is cleaned up.  Luke hasn’t eaten anything, however he has finally calmed down a little bit.  Alex turns Paw Patrol on to keep the peace.  We were passing the time until Luke’s Educator arrived for in-home therapy.

6:25 – Laurie arrives at the house.  I warn her what she’s walking into.  Fearlessly, she sets up in the kitchen to go through several activities.  One activity was to cut a pumpkin out of a piece of bread and paint eyes and a nose with colored milk.  Luke was too busy sneaking bites of his bread to actually work on any language.  Poor kid – it looked like we were starving him.  The kids were wild and Luke was cranky.  It wasn’t his best therapy session.  I was trying to talk to Laurie about a few things and Anna and Luke were screaming and throwing things.  The Cards game had started and Alex had ventured into the living room to watch.  I gave him ‘the eyes’ – you know the ones that only a wife can give a husband to get him off his ass without uttering a sound.  I gave him that look.

Shortly before it became meltdown city … again.

7:18 – Alex grabs Luke and takes him upstairs.  Luke falls asleep before his head hits the mattress.  Apparently 15 minutes of being hysterical will really take it out of you.

7:28 – Laurie leaves and we break into the cupcakes.  The Cards have taken a lead – the cupcakes must have worked.

7:44 – I take Anna to her room for bedtime.  She farts around a while before actually falling asleep.  I break my computer out again to get some more work done while watching the game.  The Cardinals win, eliminating the Pirates, and advancing to the NLCS. Boom!

11:00 – Alex throws in the towel and heads to bed.  I decide to stay up a while so I can get some more work done.  I finish editing a shoot, send a few invoices, reply to some emails, and upload some images to my website and Facebook.  It’s amazing everything that goes into owning a business. I’m loving it, though. I take the alone time as an opportunity to watch a rerun of Miley Cyrus on SNL. I kind of like that little screwup…

1:13 – I call it a night, or a morning.  I don’t know.  I’m so tired at this point my eyes aren’t pointing strait. Just another day in paradise!

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