Parsons Pickings

– You might have heard that I have started my own photography business.  If you haven’t – I started my own photography business.  I’ve taken pictures for years and have tossed the idea of having my own business.  Recently, I started staying home full-time.  It’s perfect for me, because I wanted to be more involved in Luke’s therapy and school.  So it felt like the perfect time to take a leap and create my own photography business.  I’m praying that my business grows into something that is a means to help support my family. Plus, I really love it.  It’s pretty awesome to be doing something that you love!  Check out my website and Facebook page!


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– Staying at home with the kids has been easy…  Just give them a little food and water and let them out to potty every now and then.

– no kids were harmed in the taking of this photo –

– Currently, Anna and Luke share a bathroom.  We knew that we should eventually move one of them so they have separate bathrooms, but we were thinking it would be later down the road.  We have a guest bedroom upstairs (that also serves as my craft room) that has its own bathroom.  Now that our basement is finished, and has a guest room, the guest room upstairs isn’t used.  So, it dawned on us that we could move Anna to the room with her own bathroom and create my own space in Anna’s old room.  Well, I actually thought of it and sold the idea to Alex.  It makes sense.  Anna gets her own bathroom to avoid all that mess later down the road and I get a room to be creative in.  I.AM.SO.EXCITED!!  More on this big project to come … I was too amped to not share the news!

– I was grocery shopping the other day with Anna in tow.  We were at Aldi’s so everything is kind of piled up in a relatively small area.  For example, the display of toiletry items is right next to the fruit and veggies display.  I was finishing up with the produce and Anna was closely roaming around.  The next thing I know, Anna is next to me holding the biggest bag of sanitary napkins (doesn’t it make you gag when you hear that term) she could carry.  Before I could say a word to her, Anna loudly says, ‘HEY MOMMY! HERE’S YOUR SPECIAL PADS THAT YOU NEED!’  People were looking.  I crawled in a hole right there by the bananas.  Okay, not really.  But, I wish I could have.  Kids – always keeping you honest.



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