Sometimes Decisions Aren’t Rational

Allow me to introduce, Ethel.  She is the newest member of The (fur)People Parsons.

Isn’t she sweet?!?!

I can glue a stick on her back and she can double as a dust mop.

Let me rewind for a minute.  When Alex and I were dating and engaged, we always talked about having two dogs at some point.  The plan was to have two female golden retrievers, and name them Lucy and Ethel.  Let’s all say a collective. ‘awwww’.  It’s cute, right?  I thought so too.  After we got married, moved back to Missouri, and built a house we fulfilled the first half of our dog owning dream.  We picked up Lucy almost five years ago, and she has been our only pet since.   You see, we popped out a few kids and shiz got cray cray.  Our house turned into a circus, so the thought of adding any more chaos seemed ludicrous.  But, the thought of bring our ‘Ethel’ home was always there.  We even talked about different breeds that we liked.   Our Ethel didn’t have to another golden, we just knew we wanted another dog at some point.

Fast forward to now, and we were still minus the second part of our doggy duo.  Lucy was on steroids for a hot spot (that’s a skin infection for those of you who don’t speak dog).  The steroids were making her really thirsty, so she was drinking like it was going out of style.  All the water had to go somewhere, and even though she doesn’t normally potty in the house, she did – all over the new basement carpet.  To add to that, Anna has had a few accidents in her room, and our house was starting to smell like pee.  Nothing irks me more than my house smelling like pee.  So, I put a feeler out on good ole Facebook asking if anyone had a carpet shampooer we could borrow.  It turns out that my sister-in-law did.  So, we went by their house to grab it.  That’s when we started playing with a little shih tzu puppy that they happened to be fostering.  Long story short, the dog must have sensed that she would live the good life with us, because she quickly worked us all over (kids included) until we agreed to take her home for a trial period.  Note-to-self: if you ever say you are bringing a dog home for a trial period, just accept that the dog is going to stay.  When we realized that Lucy and the new puppy were already fast friends, we knew we had our Ethel.  The next day we got her a collar and tag that matches Lucy’s.  She was an official member of the family.

Look at these girls – what a pair!

Just like our kids … fighting over the same toy.

These girls already love one another

For those of you that are still following, we went to borrow a carpet shampooer to get rid of dog pee and ended up bringing home another dog.  It wasn’t the most rational decision we’ve ever made.  But, sometimes decisions shouldn’t be made with your head.  Sometimes, they have to be made with your heart.  I apologize for being cheesy.  It’s so true though.  Our Ethel is home, and the Parsons couldn’t be more excited.

Anna is over the moon. Ethel is like her own personal fluffy baby doll.

Maybe Lucy isn’t completely sold… (just kidding – she’s liking her little sidekick)


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