Is that a stick in your pants?

We enrolled Anna in preschool.  It’s sad to think that she could even be old enough.  I mean, it’s preschool.  PRE-SCHOOL!  It’s the step before going to school.  There’s no way my little baby is ready for that, right?  Apparently she is, and her first day was last week.  Before she started, we tried to make a big deal about it to her.  If you talk something up enough with Anna, she’s more likely to cooperate.  So, we made a trip to the store to pick out her backpack.  Even with a ton of urging to get a cuter bag, Anna insisted on a plastic pink and purple bag with Disney princesses all over it.  Damn you, Disney.  A few days before she started, we went to a ‘Meet your Teacher’ night.  Anna decided to make the best first impression by wearing a sparkly dance outfit with a giant tutu (her latest and most favorite ‘pretty dress’).  We met her teacher (I explained that I would try to get Anna to tone down her wardrobe for school days) and saw her room.  All the wheels were in motion for her first day.

The first day arrived and after fighting over what to wear, Anna was ready for school.  While outside to take some pictures and play before it was time to leave, Anna found a stick that she informed me was her magic wand.  I told her the wand had to stay at home while she was at school and I thought she put it down.  We loaded up and headed off to the school.

Someone is so, so excited!

Your future looks bright, kid!

Notice the backpack

We arrived in Anna’s classroom in time to figure out the morning routine and scope out the toys.  The kids were all happily playing at different stations, so we hung around a bit to meet some of the other kids and parents.

The cutting station

A little Play-doh action

Anna and I were sitting on the floor stringing beads onto laces with one of the teachers when she stood up and reached inside the leg of her pants.  I asked her if she was okay, to which she told me that she was getting her magic wand.  Standing in front of everyone, Anna fished the stick (um, I mean magic wand) out of the leg of her pants.  She proudly held it in the air as the teacher laughed and I looked confused.  I explained to the teacher that Anna was going to be a hard one to break… she definitely has her work cut out for her.   Let’s all say a collective prayer for her teacher.

Today it’s a magic wand in her pants – tomorrow it’s a flask.


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