Parsons Pickings

– The other morning, Anna patted my boobs and said, ‘Huh, I don’t have these.’  I told her that she would someday and that things would get a lot more emotional around here.

– When Madonna’s ‘Like a Prayer’ comes on my Pandora, it takes every part of me to not jump on the table and start dancing. I’m a horrible dancer, but in my head, I look freaking awesome. In reality, it would probably look like someone having a seizure.

– Anna has been really into learning what words start with what letters lately. She’s also been working on learning to spell her name. I will spell it for her and she tries to correct me.  She insists that it’s A-N-N-N-A.

– Anna informed us that ‘Mommy loves Anna and Daddy loves Luke.’ When asked if Mommy could love Daddy or Luke, we were told no. I guess it’s her way or the highway around here (or at least she thinks so).

– Luke had water play at school the other day.  He was soaking wet and pooped in his swim diaper.  Apparently he had pooped so much that it got all over his teacher.  She had to go home and change clothes.  Awesome, huh?

– Anna climbed into our bed in the middle of the night.  We usually put diapers on her at night, but for whatever reason she didn’t have one on.  She ended up peeing all over our bed.  As we were stripping the sheets at 2am, she kept telling us that Lucy had been the one that peed on the bed.  She was half asleep, but was completely adamant that it was Lucy that had wet all over the bed.

– I ask Anna (and now Luke) about their day every evening when we pick them up from daycare.  Anna usually tells me that she doesn’t want to talk about it then.  So, I ask them again at dinner – tell me about your day, who did you play with, what did you play, what did you learn, what did you have for lunch, what was your favorite part of the day.  Still get nothing.  Anna came into our bedroom at 5:45 the other morning and climbed into bed.  She laid so she was face to face with me, propping her head on her hand and loudly told me that she wanted to talk about her day.  She kept patting my face and telling me to open my eyes so we could talk about her day.  I guess that’s what it takes to get a little conversation going with her.

Open your eyes, Mom. Let’s talk about my day!!

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