Gulf Shores 2013 – Part 2

Catch up on the first part of our trip – Gulf Shores 2013 Part 1.

We heard about a Pirate and Princess breakfast at The Hangout, so we decided to check it out mid-week.  The staff was hilarious, and the kids were really into it.  I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t into it as well.  It was adorable and ended up being one of the highlights of our trip.


On a treasure hunt!

We spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out by the ocean – getting our tan on and sand in every crevice that you can imagine.  Turns out, I have an aversion to being sandy.  It drives me nuts.  There was sand everywhere, even when we would go inside.  There was sand on the floor, sand in the shower, sand in the bed.  I would even chew something and have sand in my teeth.  I realize that going on a beach vacation means that you have to deal with sand, I just didn’t realize how crazy it made me.

Bathing beauties!

Time to get sandy, Mom!

To add to my aversion to being sandy, I have a bit of a fear of the ocean.  I think it’s just all the wildlife that is also milling around in there.  You can’t really see your feet, and you don’t really know what’s coming your way.  Eventually, I worked up the nerve to venture farther out into the water.  As soon as that happened, a person came running up to our group that was on the beach.  I saw them motioning to us to come back.  Turns out, there was a shark in the water.  There was a shark in the water each day we were there.  I’m not talking great white’s that could swallow us in one piece, but they could have done some damage (especially to baby legs).  Too much for this mid-westerner.

Look, we’re in the ocean. What’s that? Huh? Shark? HOOOOOLLLLLLLY SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!

That evening, we ventured out for dinner.  The rest of the house was ordering from a small seafood joint.  Alex is allergic to shellfish, so we opted to go out to eat instead.  Plus, it gave us the perfect opportunity to check out the restaurant that Jimmy Buffett’s sister set up in the area.  Aside from Anna getting lost from us for a bit, we had a great time at Lulu’s!

Playing at Lulu’s before dinner.

The next day, the rain rolled in and stayed.  It rained and it rained and it rained some more.  It was miserable.  We tried to keep the kids occupied in the house, but it was getting hairy.  We were Googling indoor activities in the area.  Turns out, there are none.  We opted to drive into town and check out a souvenir shop and then grabbed some lunch.  We headed back to nap and wait for the rain to pass.

There’s a storm a-brewing!

How long does it take for a gaggle of kids to go stir crazy being stuck in a house? Answer – not long.

Luckily, the rain passed through while we napped.  It left us with overcast skies – horrible for swimming in the ocean, but awesome to take some pictures.  And, that’s what we did.  My kids get so annoyed when I bring my camera out, but I love snapping the memories.  I know they will appreciate it someday.  Someday far, far down the road.  Meanwhile, I will treasure them now.

Sometimes they love each other. Sometimes.

Apparently someone doesn’t mind to get all sandy.

Look Mom, shells!

Ah! These two – I could just eat them with a spoon!

Passed the camera over to get a quick family shot.

The next morning we woke up to sunny, beautiful skies!  We spent the day playing in the sand (ACK!) and dodging sharks in the ocean.  Ah!  We spent the afternoon and early evening packing up and loading the car.  It seemed like our stuff multiplied and grew legs.  It was like trying to shove 10 pounds of shit in a 5 pound bag.  Eventually we managed to wrangle our crap back in our bags and loaded it all in the car.  Our vacation was sadly winding down.

One last day of sun!!

The plan was to hit the road early Saturday morning.  We changed plans, and decided to drive through the night.  Aside from almost hitting a pedestrian who was running into the street in the middle of nowhere Alabama and getting slowed down at a sobriety checkpoint crossing into Mississippi, we made it to Missouri as the sun was coming up on Saturday.  The kids slept almost the entire way.  Freaking awesome! We were sad for our trip to end, but happy to be home.


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