The Hangout – Gulf Shores

When searching for places to visit in Gulf Shores, The Hangout popped up.  The menu and overall feel of the restaurant seemed pretty close to Lulu’s (and it ended up being basically the same), but I was more interested in their breakfast.  See, The Hangout hosts a Pirates and Princess breakfast every morning.  We instantly knew it was something we wanted to do.  We even packed outfits for the kids in anticipation of the big day.  As luck would have it, we also ended up there the day we arrived.  We hadn’t packed anything for lunch and we hadn’t gone to the store yet.  The whole group ventured to The Hangout for lunch.  We ended up getting there a bit late, and the wait was pretty long.  So, it turned into an early dinner.  Linner?  Or is it dunch?

Time to hangout at The Hangout

It’s a place where you can belly up to the bar…

Or belly up to the table.

Tiny humans or big chair? I’ll never tell.

Passing the time away.

We decided to head back to The Hangout for breakfast mid-week to see what the whole pirates and princess thing was about.  The kids were SO excited – mainly because it meant that they could wear dress-up clothes outside of the house.  Well, let me clarify – Luke wasn’t exactly thrilled with his outfit, but he grew to love it.  Plus, it was a major hit at the restaurant so he liked all the attention.  The breakfast did not disappoint.  The staff was dressed up and all had their rolls down pat.  One of the pirates even tried to steal Anna’s chocolate milk.  That’s when they stopped being friends.  They took all the kids on a treasure hunt to find buried treasure.  I couldn’t tell who was more into it – the kids or the staff.  Either way, it was really fun.  After picking out their treasures, we sat down to an all-you-can eat breakfast.  They bring a huge tray of food to your table and you can eat until you pop.  Bonus for people who want to eat themselves silly but are freaked out by buffets.  Trust me, I understand.  The food is good, the experience is even better.  We give this two thumbs WAY up.  Be sure to squeeze this in!

Touch my chocolate milk and I cut you.

Time to find some treasure!



Nothing to see here, just a few princesses and a stray pirate.

The Details:

The Hangout

101 E Beach Blvd

Gulf Shores, AL 36542

Open for breakfast: 8:00am – 10:30am, Open for lunch and dinner: 11:00am – late

Tips: The Pirates and Princess breakfast is REALLY fun.  The food was good, and the kids ate for free.  Plus, they had an absolute blast! The staff was amazing!


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