Keepsake Ornaments

I saw a post floating around on Pinterest about keepsake ornaments for your Christmas tree.  The post showed pieces of a wedding invite or birth announcement gracefully curled up inside a clear ornament.  It was perfectly put together with fun scripted paint on the outside and staged so that no matter how your ornaments turn out, you are going to feel a little less than par.  That’s Pinterest for you, huh?  Accepting early defeat, I got the idea to have the kids create keepsake ornaments during our Gulf Shores trip.  I figured we could have them collect sand and shells, write a date on the outside, tie a ribbon to the top, and go about laying around on the beach.  In practice, it took about an hour and all the adults ended up super gluing their fingers together.  Ah, memories!

I ordered clear, plastic ornaments from Amazon. These were 100 mm, but smaller would have worked fine as well. I wanted to do plastic so they wouldn’t be as fragile as a traditional ornament.

We sent the kids (and adults) out to fill their ornament with any treasures they could find on the beach. Notice that Anna was filling hers with rocks. Lots and lots of rocks.

The kids actually had a great time searching for stuff to put in their ornament. It was almost like a scavenger hunt…

Once inside, the adults super glued the two sides together to ensure that the ornaments wouldn’t break apart down the road. Nothing like your memories spilling out into your suitcase. We used puff paint pens (regular paint pens would have worked much better) to write the location and year. A ribbon was tied to the top loop so the ornament can hang – like ornaments like to do.

Voila! Eat your heart out, Pinterest.
The ornaments dried overnight and traveled really well for the ride home. Now the issue is going to be finding a branch that’s sturdy enough for Anna’s ball of rocks…


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