Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo

In our quest to visit a zoo or aquarium in every state in the United States, we decided to cross Alabama off our list during our recent trip to Gulf Shores.  Turns out, that there is a little zoo that sits right on the main drag in Gulf Shores.  Don’t let the size fool you.  This zoo was awesome.  In fact, it is high on my list of favorites from all the zoos we’ve been to.  What this zoo lacks in size, it makes up for in visitor experience.  They have different animal encounters where you can actually mingle with some of the wildlife.  Most of the animals could be hand-fed food that was available for purchase as you entered.  And, the animals (even the exotic ones) were extremely close to the viewing areas. It was a really intimate feeling, something you don’t normally feel at a zoo.  Because of all these reasons, the Gulf Coast Zoo has aptly adopted the slogan ‘The Little Zoo That Could’.  They could, and they did!  We had the BEST time.

We got there right as the zoo opened – a little drizzle wasn’t going to stop us!

We immediately found the kangaroo encounter and held this little lass. May I introduce, Lolly.

One of these is my son, and one of these would make a kick-ass pet…

I mean, seriously. How cool is this?

Excuse me? Can I rest in your pouch?

Our next stop – the lemur house! These guys were hilarious!

Once you’ve bottle-fed a lemur, babies just don’t cut it anymore…

Nothing like being photobombed by a lemur!

Excuse me, do I have anything in my teeth?


If this guy could have figured out how to squeeze his horns out of the fence, his whole head would have been out.

Yep, that’s a full size tiger about four feet from us. Notice the eye contact…

This guy has blue balls. Er, I mean, a blue ball.

Time to feed these little guys…

That lion was about 6 feet from us. Luke was roaring at him. Anna was more interested in her bag of Cheez-Its. Maybe we’ve been to a few too many zoos?

On the way out we were passing the reptile encounter. I bet that Alex wouldn’t hold the snake. He is deathly afraid of snakes, so he told me that there was no way in hell. He then dared me to hold the snake. Not being one to back down from a dare…
Meet Magic, a twenty-foot anaconda. She hasn’t attacked anyone – yet.

The Details:

Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo

1204 Gulf Shores Parkway

Gulf Shores, AL 36542

Open year-round except on major holidays.

*Admission: Adults (13-54) – $10, Seniors (55+) – $8, Children (3-12) – $7, Children Under 2 are free

Tips: Bring cash for animal food and encounters.  Don’t miss the animal encounters!  Go early!


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