The Neighborhood with the Mostest

You might not know this about me, but I like to plan things.  Shocking, right?  I also like to be around people.  I know, another shocker.  Because of this, one of my neighbors started calling me the ‘Cruise Director’ of the neighborhood.  Alex has also been deemed ‘The Captain’. Why am I telling you this?  I don’t really know.  It just felt right.

Last year, we organized a block party for our section of our neighborhood.  Everyone must have had a great time, because as this year rolled around requests started coming in to have another one.  As the official ‘Cruise Director’, I got the ball rolling with the help of some of my neighbor pals.  A date was set, an Evite/fliers were sent with a potluck sign-up, and we waited.  This year, we opted to have families sign up for specific items so that a few people weren’t eating the majority of the cost.  Alex and I decided to buy the meat (hot dogs and hamburgers) and we had people sign up for everything from plates, napkins, and silverware to buns, condiments, side dishes, and desserts.  We asked everyone to bring chairs and drinks for their family.  The plan was for us to set up the bounce house that we own, and my neighbor offered up the two that she has.  Another neighbor brought their kiddie pool out and we set up our corn hole game.  I can’t lie, it was the easiest party I’ve ever planned.

You can plan and organize everything until your blue in the face, but you can’t plan the weather.  Mother Nature can be a real B sometimes.  The forecast for the day of the block party called for spotty thunderstorms.  I called another neighbor (who happens to be a retired Weather Service meteorologist) to ask if, in his professional opinion, the block party was going to be a bust.  He informed me that a cell was going to pass through at the beginning and then we should have a break for a while.  There was a chance that another cell would pass through later in the evening.  It was decided that all the food was going to be set up in my garage and that people would huddle in different garages if another cell came through.  The block party was a go!

My meteorologist neighbor knows his stuff.

The wind picked up and this bounce house took flight. No children were anywhere near it at the time. The house was returned and grounded with beefier stakes.

Almost everyone waited until the storm moved through to make their way over.  Once the rain died down, the weather was fantastic!

What time is it? It’s time to party!

I just love these guys! Best neighborhood – EVER!

The street was partially blocked off, so we knew that the kids couldn’t go far.  Yet, every time we looked up we were missing Anna or Luke.  They were having a blast running around and playing with the other kids.  Oh, and eating desserts. Lots and lots of desserts.

Why’s your face blue, Anna? Umm, no reason.

The party started to wind down and people trickled back to their houses to put kids to bed.  (One of the perks of having the party at your own house!) The weather ended up being unseasonably cool that evening.  Fleeces were brought out and the party continued.  It would have been the perfect night for a fire pit.

Sticking it out until the very end!

Some people just can’t hang…

The party was a blast.  All the adults socialized while the kids ran themselves silly.  Our neighbors are awesome, so we could be locked in a foreign jail together and still have a ball.  Same time next year?  Aye aye, Captain!


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