Suson Park

A few weekends ago, my whole family decided to get together at Suson Park.  None of us had been before, but we had heard great things about it.  Suson Park is located in South County and has all the amenities of a standard park, plus some really fun extras.

It wouldn’t be a park without a slide and playground!

The park has three lakes and a kiddie pond. Plus, fishing is allowed!

Suson Park happens to be the home of a working animal farm.  The really fun thing is that you can walk through the farm to see the animals and pet them at your own risk.  They even have ‘Farm Days’ during the summer with farm themed events and face painting.  If you are still on the fence about the park – rated it as one of the 10 best parks in the country.  Take that out to pasture…

Let’s meet some animals!

Anna wanted to take this one home with us.

Skirting the lines of danger. The horse kept its teeth to itself.

This peacock was up in arms (or feathers) because two of the turkey’s were getting it on. Lover’s quarrel. Three is always a crowd.

Little farm boy.

In the stables

We decided to bring a picnic lunch and found a table next to the lake to eat.  As it turns out, some other little fellows thought a picnic sounded like a great idea too.

Excuse me, do you have any Grey Poupon?

Yellow mustard would also be fine with me. Can you smear it on your bag of bread first?

Once the kids had choked down enough food to satisfy us, we let them feed the rest of our bread to the ducks.  We had a park in the town I grew up in that had ducks.  I have tons of memories of feeding those ducks.  It’s crazy to watch your kids do things that you fondly remember doing as a child. 

Just a princess feeding some ducks.

Yay for not falling into the lake!!

Sweet cousins!

My only complaint for the park is that it’s a bit of a drive for us (about 45 minutes from St. Charles).  Not a deal breaker, by any means.  We’ll definitely be back!

The Details:

Suson Park

6073 Wells Road

Saint Louis, MO 63128

Animal Farm Hours: Open daily at 10:30am


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