Joe Buck’s

You might not know this about me, but I am a gigantic Cardinal’s baseball fan.  I have been for as long as I can remember.  You might say it’s in my blood.  Luckily for us, we live about 30 minutes from Busch stadium and work about 3 miles from there.  Naturally, we go fairly often.  Never enough for my liking, but so is life with little adults.

Anyway, we went to the game the other evening and decided to grab dinner before going into the stadium.  The prices for food and drink inside the stadium have skyrocketed to an absurd amount.  It hurts my heart to pay those prices, although I will splurge for a good ballpark hotdog.  My goodness – those things taste like my childhood.  I digress, again.

We decided to check out Joe Buck’s for dinner before the game because it’s about a block from the stadium.  In case you aren’t from around here, Joe Buck is a sportscaster and son of legendary (and hall-of-famer) Jack Buck.  Jack Buck was THE Cardinal’s announcer for more years than you can imagine and is known for sayings such as, ‘Go crazy, folks. Go crazy.’ and ‘That’s a winner.’  Jack Buck is a hero around here, which means the whole Buck clan is also pretty top-notch in the eyes of St. Louisans.

The Buck’s have several restaurants in the area: J.Buck’s (a high-end steakhouse), Joe’s Java (Coffee and Deli), and Joe Buck’s.  Joe Buck’s is casual pub-style restaurant with a family friendly atmosphere that’s known for their bar-b-que.  Actually, they are known for their smoked wings.  They claim to have invented them.  I asked the waiter if they actually invented them.  He didn’t know…

What to get, what to get, what to get…

The menu has a huge selection with a little bit of everything.  The prices are reasonable too.  Take that, stadium food!  I opted for a French Dip sandwich and sweet potato fries, and Alex tried out the smoked wings.  My sandwich was excellent! Alex’s only complaint was that he didn’t have enough wings. His advice – order a two meat plate with double wings.

I’ve never met a French Dip I didn’t get along with.

We made reservations through their website because I was worried about getting a table in time to catch the beginning of the game.  I highly recommend getting reservations on game days – the place really fills up.  Service was quick and we made it out in plenty of time to get to the stadium and see my boys in baseball pants. (I never said why I was such a fan…)

Ahhhh. In baseball Heaven!

The Details:

Joe Buck’s Downtown

1000 Clark Avenue

Saint Louis, MO 63102

Phone: 314.436.0394

Free parking is available on non-game days in the lot at Spruce and 10th St.


2 thoughts on “Joe Buck’s

  1. Love joe bucks! They have a really good buffalo chicken salad! Fun fact – you can park in their lot for the game for free if you eat there. But did I mention their parking lot is really small? haha but not many people know that so sometimes you can get a spot 🙂

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