2012 Road Trip – The Philadelphia Zoo

My family has a weakness for animals.  Naturally, a good zoo is always a hit for us!  It seems like we visit the zoo anywhere we go – Philadelphia was no exception.  Turns out the Philly zoo was the first zoo in the country.  How about those apples?

We went on a weekday morning, so there weren’t many people there.  The thin crowd was nice, but most of the restaurant options and some exhibits were closed.  It was nice to be able to let Anna run freely and not worry about losing her in a crowd, but overall we weren’t that impressed with the Philadelphia Zoo.  It was rather expensive to get into and not very large.  In all fairness to the Philly Zoo, we live near one of the coolest zoos in the country – and it’s free.  Other zoos have pretty stiff competition to live up to.

Making a wish!

Flamingos are a natural favorite for little miss – all pink!

The Parsons men and the polar bears

We found our way to the Children’s area for the petting zoo.  I was looking at the rabbits when I realized that I didn’t have my phone in my pocket.  Freaking out, I tore through the diaper bag looking for it.  Still no sign, so I started retracing my steps.  I kept thinking about all the pictures from the trip that were on my phone.  I was in a panic.  Frantic, I stopped one of the workers and asked if there was a lost and found in the zoo.  The kind man radioed somewhere and discovered that a phone was found in the children’s area and was in an office.  He took me with him, asking what color the case was.  When I told him it was grey and teal, he handed over my phone.  I was SO relieved! I give the workers 5 stars!

My little bunny and carrot!

Anna loves a good pony ride!

The Details:

The Louisville Zoo

3400 W Girard Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19104


*March 1 – October 31: Open daily 9:30a to 5:00p, November 1 – February 28: Open daily 9:30a to 4:00p

– Admission is $18 for children 2-11 and $20 for adults, Parking is $15, some food available for purchase


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