2012 Road Trip – Please Touch Museum

When I was researching things to do in the Philadelphia area for our trip, the Please Touch Museum kept popping up.  It seemed pretty interesting, so I started looking into it.  Their website made it seem pretty cool, so I jotted it down as an activity for us during the trip.  We ended up planning to visit the museum the day after we arrived in Philadelphia.

The night that we arrived to our hotel in Philadelphia, I came down with a stomach bug.  I spent the entire evening hugging the toilet, hoping I wouldn’t wake the rest of the crew in the room, and praying that no one else got sick.  I didn’t want to slow down our trip or miss any activities.  We were on a fairly tight schedule.  The next morning, I felt queasy but manageable.  I sipped Sprite and shook off the hot flashes.  We made it the Please Touch Museum right after they opened.

To put it mildly, the place was outstanding.  The museum is located in Memorial Hall, which was built in historic Fairmount Park for the Centennial celebration in May of 1876.  The building alone is outstanding, but add to it that there was 156,000 square feet of interactive children’s activities – our minds were blown!  It was amazing! I also have to add that the restroom facilities were outstanding…

Let them loose!

I think if Alex could have fit on that, he would have taken a turn.

Learning about wildlife…

Check out these frogs!!

What a stud!

That has to be sanitary, right?

Having tea in the Alice and Wonderland section. Actually pretty neat – there was a hedge maze and a treehouse. We almost couldn’t get Anna to leave.

Don’t mind me, I’m just sailing this boat in the storybook area.

We saw a puppet show and then were off to milk a cow. Busy, busy.

Obviously, we were only able to explore a small fraction of the museum.  We quickly ate lunch at the museum (the food is surprisingly good with a huge amount of options) in between activities.  Nap time dictates our lives and our kids were running on ‘E’ by the time we rolled back to the car.  I wish we could have gone back to play some more.  Heck, I really wish the Please Touch Museum was located down the street from us!  It’s a definite must-see for all ages!

The Details:

Please Touch Museum

Memorial Hall in Fairmount Park

4231 Avenue of the Republic

Philadelphia, PA 19131

Phone: 215.581.3181


*Open M-Sa 9a – 5p, and Su 11a – 5p

– Admission is $16 for children over the age of 1 and adults, Parking is $8, food available for purchase


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