2012 Road Trip – Adventure Aquarium

Just across the Delaware from Philadelphia sits Camden, New Jersey.  Camden is home to Campbell Soup, and (as it turned out) one of the largest, coolest aquariums in the United States.  We swung by there on our way out of Philly, before heading toward New York City.  It was well, well worth the time and cost to get in!

The tanks were amazingly big and the whole place was so interactive.  The kids had an awesome time running around, exploring, and touching everything they could get their germy hands on.  We were lucky to be able to visit on a weekday, so there weren’t many other people there with us.  We basically had the run of the joint! Just us and fishes. Lots, and lots of fishes…

This was probably the biggest fish tank I’ve ever seen.

Luke was clearly not scared of anything. Hope that glass holds, kid.

They had a stingray room where you could touch some pretty massive rays.  I declined because I have a healthy fear of those little dudes after being stung by one when I was a kiddo.  That’s a story for another day.

Watch out Alex – they are liable to take your finger off!

They had a whole floor devoted to tiny tots.  It was a toddler’s paradise!  There were things to climb on and crawl through.

Doesn’t he look thrilled to be taking a picture with his old mom?

Tanks that you could go under and feel like you are inside.

I’m not sure who was more excited – the kids or Alex.

I’m not sure Luke knew what to think.

And even more animals to touch and learn about!

That Alex … always touching things.

They also had sharks to pet.  I have to wonder, who wants to pet a shark?  I’ve seen ‘Shark Week’ too many times to be kosher with that.

Na na. Na na. Na na. Nana. Nananananananana. Shark tunnel!

Apparently, Alex has missed out on the ‘Shark Week’ experience.

Nerves of steel!

The Details:

Adventure Aquarium

1 Riverside Drive

Camden, NJ 08103

Phone: 856.365.3300


*Open daily – 10am – 5pm

– Admission is $17.95 for children 2-12 and $24.95 for 13+, Parking is $10, Food available for purchase


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