Trip to Louisville

Alex was living in Louisville, Kentucky when we started dating.  We lived there after getting married, before moving to St. Louis, and have several friends that still live in the area.  Two of those couples recently had babies, so we decided to make a trip to Kentucky over Memorial Day weekend to see everyone and kiss some babies.

Who has four thumbs and are excited to be road-tripping in the mini?
These guys!

The drive passed rather quickly thanks, in part to the mom-mobile.  I’ve been trying to get Anna to watch movies instead of the same episodes of whatever cartoon she’s hooked on at the time.  We have a long drive to Gulf Shores coming up and I’ll be damned if I am going to listen to the same episode of Dora the entire time.  We all know how I feel about Dora.  It was pretty uneventful except that Luke got insanely hungry in the 80 mile stretch where there are no restaurants.  Luke is angry when he’s hungry.  It got hairy.  As a bonus, we lose an hour on the drive there – it always feels like we’ve time traveled.

Made it Louisville – an hour in the future.

We were set to stay with friends that have 5-year-old twin girls.  I knew that Anna would be in total heaven.  She has a major thing for older girls – she idolizes them.  Heck, they are the only ones that are able to boss her around.  We unloaded all of our junk and headed to Incredible Dave’s for dinner and games and to meet up with some friends.  Incredible Dave’s is like a Dave & Busters or a Chuck E Cheese (only more grown up and not nearly as seedy).  They have a full menu, decent food, and a ton of games and things for the kids to do.  The kids ran around like crazy people.

That’s one way to do it.

The next morning, we piled in the car and headed toward the Louisville zoo.

Let’s see what this is all about.

Animals were seen.

Hey! Check it out!

Water was played in.  Fun was had by all.

Luke hasn’t met a splash area that he hasn’t fallen in love with.

The next day, the plan was to hang out with some friends that had a little baby girl in February.  We held the baby and fought back baby fever (at least I did).  Alex is D-O-N-E.  That’s a story for another day.

Alex – kissing babies and putting his finger in their mouth. Odd.

We grabbed lunch together at our favorite Mexican restaurant and then set off to explore a little.  Alex and I always enjoy driving around the area where we lived to see what is new and what has changed.  And, we always drive by our old house.

Is there a house back there?

Do you see the house?  It’s that structure behind that giant tree.  I swear on everything that the tree wasn’t that size when we lived there.  Here’s a perfect example of why you should plan your landscaping around the final size of a plant.  Listen to me – getting all green thumb.  Allow me to show you the house from a different angle. Nope.  Still overgrown.

You could see out of the front window when we lived there. I promise there’s a front window on that house.

Can’t lie – it was sad to see our first home in such shape.  It’s pretty clear it’s not being maintained as well as it should be.  We opted to eat our emotions with a visit to Pie Kitchen.  Pie Kitchen was just how we left it – amazing! Good to know that some things don’t change with time.

Hard time picking – she only wanted ‘pink’.

That evening, we did what every American was doing that weekend … we had a BBQ.  I mean, it’s Memorial Day weekend.  What else are you suppose to do?

Nothing says Memorial Day weekend like an all-American BBQ.

Luke and his girlfriends

The next morning, we were planning on driving home but Luke had other ideas.  He took a little dive through the railing of our friend’s deck and fell 10 feet.  An ambulance ride and ER visit later, Luke was miraculously given a clean bill of health and able to go home.

Yep – it was totally terrifying.

The brush with death extended our stay so we could be near the hospital in case he started showing any symptoms of internal injuries.  He didn’t, and both kids ended up playing the rest of the day.

Who has time to take it easy? Not me!

Our little fish in the freezing water.

For a girl who’s scared of bounce houses, Anna sure took to the trampoline.

What a natural!

The extended stay even allowed us to see another set of friends that had a baby girl in February.  So many babies, so little time!

Makes my uterus hurt.

The next morning was uneventful (thank, God). We packed up and time traveled home.  It was amazing to see all of our friends and the brand new babies.  We miss our peeps in Louisville like crazy, but it’s nice to know we always have a place to stay when we roll into town!


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