The Louisville Zoo

Even though we previously lived in Louisville, we had never been to the zoo there.  Actually, when we were planning the trip (and knew the kids would be with us) I realized that I had no idea what do with kids in Louisville.  We lived there well before we had kids.  We were little, baby newlyweds.  Not interested in kid attractions.  I could give you advice on the killer bars in town, though.

Since you can’t really take a toddler and a preschooler to a bar, I had to figure out some alternatives.  That’s when I happened upon the Louisville Zoo.  I figured it was a no brainer.  The zoo is full of animals – my kids love animals.  Bam!

It’s going to get wild up in here!

Of course we had to ride the carousel.  Is it possible to go to a zoo and not ride the carousel?  Is it possible to go anywhere and not ride a carousel?  What is it about carousels that make kids love them so much?  A little too predictable for my taste – up and down, round and round.  Snooze.

Maybe this one will be different …

And then it was time to see some animals…

Not that rhino’s best angle, but then, do rhino’s have a good angle?

‘Hey Dad – that giraffe is eying my ‘nack.’

I feel fur, but I’m only seeing red here. Who turned off the sun?

Just picked Anna up from the bar…

The Louisville Zoo has this really cool splash area.  It was donated by Papa Johns, like everything else in Louisville.  You might not know it, but a guy named John from Louisville started a little pizza place that is now known as Papa Johns.  Papa John has his parmesan crusted fingers in everything around Louisville.  The splash area at the zoo is no different.

Papa John’s Splash Area – actually pretty awesome.

The water was freezing. Anna was out after about 10 minutes.

Luke didn’t seem to care.

Once the kids lips were sufficiently blue (didn’t take Anna very long – that’s what happens when you have zero percent body fat), we slipped them back into dry clothes and headed toward the exit.  We were dangerously toying with nap time.  And if there’s one thing you don’t screw around with, it’s nap time.



The Details:

The Louisville Zoo

1100 Trevilian Way

Louisville, KY 40213

Phone: 502.459.2181

*Only daily, year-round at 10am

-Admission is $11.50 for children 3-11 and $15.95 for adults, Parking is $5


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