A Trip to Grant’s Farm

The other weekend, we met my mom, sister, and nephews at Grant’s Farm.  It was on the cold side, with a possibility of rain.  Not the best weather to fart around outside, but we decided to go for it.  The bet paid off because we basically had the place to ourselves!

Grant’s Farm is the ancestral home of the Busch family.  It’s home to more than 100 species of animals, both exotic and domestic.  The property is named after President Grant, and is the location of Grant’s cabin from the late 1800’s.  The Busch family also have a home that is used for entertaining.  The farm is open to the public during the warmer months, and free of charge, to try to promote wildlife conservation and preservation.  Although we explained all of this to Anna, she was still convinced that the farm belonged to her classmate, Grant.  She kept looking for him while we were there.

Do you think Grant will be excited to see me?

After entering the park, you load onto the tram.  The tram drives you around the property where you can take in the sights and get glimpses of different animals.

Clearly Luke is thrilled to be here.

Sometimes the glimpses turn into close encounters.  All very safe, I assure you.

Those horns wouldn’t hurt at all if they came charging toward us…

The tram drops you off by the big pin of pygmy goats.  You can pay to feed them with a bottle.


Those little dudes are hungry.

Getting milk drunk.

Like, ‘I’ve-never-eaten-in-my-life-so-stick-that-bottle-in-my-mouth’ hungry.  Not unlike a newborn, actually.  Little, furry, pushy newborns.

That’s it, son.

You can feed the goats from the safety of outside the fence.  Or you can venture inside where they all jump on you and eat your clothes.  It’s your prerogative.

Keep that bottle high, Banana! Don’t let them munch on my baby!!

After a thorough hand wash, we hit up the carousel.  Who doesn’t love a good carousel ride?


There’s a ton of animals to feed ….

Cluck, cluck little chickens

and stare at.

Hey, there’s an ewephant!

You can watch the Animal Encounters show to see even more animals!

God Bless ‘Merica

And you can even feed llamas.  Careful, they may bite.

But, where’s its red pajamas?

To top it off, you can ride a camel.  Anna is now the only person in our house that has ridden a camel.

It’s really sad she didn’t enjoy it…

And, a picture of one of their baby Clydesdale.  Because, who doesn’t love babies?

King of Beers, punks!

The Details:

Grant’s Farm

10501 Gravois Road

St. Louis, MO 63123

Phone: 314.843.1700


*Only open from mid-April to Halloween

-Parking is $12 per vehicle, free admission, free Budwieser samples, food available to purchase




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