A Three-Year-Old’s Logic

Lately, Anna has been adding reasons for why she wants things or wants to do things.  It’s hilarious because it’s a three-year-old trying to rationalize things in her own head.  The crazy thing is, I honestly think she believes what she’s saying.

‘I have jammies on, you have jammies on, so we can go downstairs and play with toys.’

‘Let’s watch two more episodes because my name is A-N-N-A.’

‘I need a cookie because my pajamas don’t match.’

‘I hit my brother because I’m cold.’

‘I need you to pick me up because I’m cold.’

‘I can’t go to sleep because I’m cold.’

‘I can’t put on pants because I’m cold.’

(Apparently we need to turn the heat up in the house. Or, make Anna wear more clothes…)

‘I don’t have my listening ears on because my shoes are on the wrong feet.’

‘That noise scares my ears because I love Kitty.’

‘I can’t eat my food because my coat is on the floor.’

‘I can’t go to bed because there’s yogurt in my hair.’

‘I can’t sleep in my bed because Lucy ate a diaper.’

‘I can’t sit in my car seat because my backpack is empty.’

‘I don’t want to finish my dinner because Luke is looking at me.’

‘I want you to carry me because my hair hurts.’

‘I can’t go to sleep because I’m tired.’

‘I need to watch Dora because Luke is wearing shoes.’

‘I need a cookie because I’m cute.’


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