Parsons Pickings

– Anna has been waking up at the crack of dawn and calling for ‘daddy’.  Alex never hears her when she wakes up, so I am usually the one that sleepily walks to her room to open her door.  Lately, she has been refusing to let me open her door.  She sees me coming and starts screaming ‘NOOOOOOO. I SAID DADDY!!!’.  I’ve even opened her door, and she shuts it back while still screaming ‘DADDY. NOT MOMMY. I SAID DADDY!’  She continues this until Alex gets out of bed and opens her door.  My feelings would be hurt, except now I’m getting to stay in bed a bit longer.  The benefits of having a Daddy’s girl…


– When Luke walks, his cheeks jiggle.  When I walk, everything jiggles.  It’s not nearly as cute.

– On a related topic, I’ve been seriously slacking in the exercise/eating right department lately.

– Luke fell in the shower the other day and landed on his ear. I’m not really sure how he managed to do that, but he did.  And he did it hard.  I’ve never heard him scream like that. His ear instantly turned blue and started swelling. Bruised his head too. Luckily he didn’t have his hearing aid in. The impact would have crushed it. I failed terribly at an attempt to ice it.  He was acting fine, but I called his doctor to see if there’s anything else that should be checked. She wanted to see him just to make sure he hadn’t fractured his skull.  She gave him the once-over and determined that everything was fine, we just have to wait for the bruising to go down.  Something tells me that he’s going to be the first one around here to break a bone.

I had no idea an ear could do that…

A few days later, Luke face-planted on the playground. Fingers crossed that we don’t get reported to CPS.

– What’s up with chin hairs?  It’s like they are nowhere to be found and overnight they grow 3 feet.  I have two hairs that always grow at an alarming rate.  It seems like I always find them when they are long enough to braid.

– The bathroom at work has five stalls.  To keep myself entertained, each stall has a dedicated day.  I start on the left with Monday and work my way to the right.  Friday is the big stall.  Even more reason to TGIF!

You know which stall I’m heading toward today.


4 thoughts on “Parsons Pickings

  1. OMG, you are hilarious! Sounds like Luke needs bubblewrap, Daddy needs a speaker next to his face with a mic in Anna’s room, and I’m with you on the chin hairs… WTF?

    • Ha! I’m not sure a speaker next to Alex’s face would even phase him. That guy can sleep through a tornado – and he has. lol. Bubblewrap is a must for Luke – I agree. The chin hairs… you don’t have those? I guess there are worse things that I could have. At least they are blonde, I guess. 🙂

      • Haha, oh I DO have the chin hairs. Just ask my husband how long it takes me to “de-Italian” my face sometimes ;). Laser treatment was a complete waste too. We’ll see! Although there’s something grossly satisfying about getting the suckers out… kinda like popping a zit. You know it’s true ;).

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