Bacon Wrapped Apricots

My sister made these at one of our family holidays.  I was skeptical – apricots, really?  But, I tried one anyway.  HOLY CRAP… these little dudes are good.  I mean, really – REALLY good.

I decided to try my hand at these and made them for a holiday party with our neighbors.  We had another party right before this one, so I had everything assembled and decided to broil them at my neighbor’s house.  It seemed like a solid plan.  I set them on a baking sheet (one without sides) and put them in the oven.  Then, I started talking to people.  Big mistake.  We noticed some smoke coming from the oven.  The bacon grease had spilled over to the bottom of the oven and the tops of the appetizers were a bit burned.  I opened the oven to save them, which allowed more smoke to escape, which set the smoke alarm off.  Yep, I set my neighbor’s smoke alarm off in the middle of a party in front of everyone.  Not my finest moment.  I told everyone to not be turned off by them, and to just try one.  I set the plate out and in less than 5 minutes, every single bacon wrapped apricot was gone.  Apparently slightly burning them and almost burning my neighbor’s house down didn’t deter anyone.  Now, you can wrap bacon around a piece of poop and people would eat it.  But, I’m telling you that these will be a hit whenever and wherever you bring them.  Make three times more than you think you’ll need and watch them closely, but know that even if you set them on fire they will be the first thing to be devoured on the table.

Bacon Wrapped Apricots

Servings = 45

Weight Watchers Points+ = 1


  • 1 pound bacon
  • 5 ounces blue cheese crumbles
  • 15 dried apricot halves


Cut bacon in half so that each strip makes two shorter strips.  Cut each apricot half into three sections.

Lay a piece of bacon on a flat surface.  Place one piece of apricot and a clump of blue cheese on top.  Wrap the bacon around the apricot and cheese.  Turn and continue to wrap the bacon around the open edges.  Place seam side down on a cookie rack.

Repeat until all ingredients are gone.

Place the cookie rack on a baking sheet with sides.  (The bacon grease will drain and you don’t want it to spill in the oven – trust me.)

Broil on high for approximately 10 minutes.  Be sure to keep a close eye on them so they don’t burn.


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