Easter Eggstravaganza 2013

I can’t lie, I was pretty excited about Easter this year.  Anna is old enough to somewhat ‘get it’ and Luke thought all the eggs were balls.  The kid loves balls, so he was happy-happy-happy.  I had feverishly scanned Pinterest so that I could make the most out of our holiday craftiness and decided that we would do two ‘projects’: Rice Krispie Easter Eggs and dyeing eggs with shaving cream.  I’m sure you’ve seen the pin on Pinterest with the egg laying so perfectly in a fluffy pile of shaving cream with beautiful swirls encasing it.  You had to have seen it – it’s everywhere.  Anyway, I planned for the kids to do that to decorate eggs.  Things started without a hitch, until I realized that the kids were using their hands to move the eggs around.  The food coloring in the shaving cream was going from swirly goodness to brownish-green mush.  The kicker was that their hands were bare and were also getting dyed with the eggs.  Anna’s hands were solid ‘baby poop green’ before I realized it.  Maybe I should have thought this through a bit – possibly used gloves or spoons.  The project was quickly sidelined so everyone could be cleaned up.  My mom and I finished the eggs a bit later to slow the spread of food dyed objects.  The eggs ended up turning out really nice, but I doubt we’ll be using this method to dye eggs in the future…

Pretty, but a pain in the ass…

What’chu talkin’ ’bout, Willis? Those eggs were crazy fun to dye.

The Easter Bunny brought the goods!

Good job, E. Bunny. You’ll live to see another day.

EGGS!! The anticipation is killing them…

Who let the dogs out – I mean, go crazy kids, go crazy!

Got one!

And another…

Hey sexy – I got one too!

And reeeeeach. And streeeeeeeetch.

Quite a haul there, son.

Obligatory family photo. (Marshmallow bribes were used)

I’ve got a used car that I’d love to sell you. I’ll give you a good deal. Promise.

What you don’t know is that getting this picture took much too long and three marshmallows. They’ll appreciate it, someday.

Another egg hunt, another egg.

Hey look, I found one!

Between the baskets and several egg hunts with two kids – we ended up with a boat load of candy.  Now, we don’t care if our kids have some candy.  But, dealing with kids that are all doped up on sugar sucks.  They literally climb on the walls.  It’s not pretty.  Plus, Alex and I are both grazers.  If candy is around – we will eat it.  Add to that the fact that we are trying to lose some weight, it was obvious that the candy had to go.  We let Anna pick a few pieces to keep and the rest went to the office.  (If we ever want to get rid of food – it goes to the office.)  What we didn’t realize is that Anna had stashed candy in different areas.  For days, I kept catching her eating candy.  She had some stuffed in her car seat.  There was some in a drawer.  I even found her behind a curtain panel eating a piece of gum.  I’m sad to say that she may have out-smarted us this time…


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