2012 St. Charles Oktoberfest 5K

We went on a 10 day road trip in September to Philly and New York City. Honestly, the whole trip was planned around a visit to Sesame Place (the Mecca for all things Sesame Street). Anna was an Elmo addict, so we drove out there and had lunch with the fury red monster. I knew that there was a good chance that I would lose my cool and eat like a pig on vacation. In hopes to keep myself on track, I signed up for the 5K at our town’s Oktoberfest celebration that was the weekend we returned. I had high hopes that I was going to eat right and exercise on our trip. I even stuffed my gym bag (and all my workout clothes) in our already overloaded car. And, I never even opened the bag. We dutifully carried the bag in and out of every stop. What a waste.

The day of the 5K, I was nervous. I mean, I was coming back from a week-and-a-half vacation and hadn’t been on a run in even longer. I was totally unprepared. I decided that I was going through with it and was giving it my all. I wanted to finish and I wanted to run the entire race. The run started and I took my place near the back. Most of the other runners passed me, and I found myself behind the other runners and slightly ahead of the walkers. I took the tortoise attitude that slow and steady wins the race. Well, maybe not win, but finish. I kept telling myself to just keep going. Keep running. One foot in front of the other. And pretty soon, I saw the finish line on the horizon. Like every time I see a finish line, I started running faster. I saw Alex and the kids waiting for me, cheering. Anna was screaming ‘MOMMY, MOMMY, MOMMY’ and actually ran to me about 10 feet before the finish line. I scooped down and picked her up. I ran across the finish line with Anna Banana on my hip. I finished at 40 minutes and 32 seconds, and I ran the entire time.

St. Charles Oktoberfest 5K – September 30, 2012

Official time (5K or 3.1 miles): 40:32


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