Llywelyn’s Pub

As you may know, St. Patrick’s Day was this past Sunday.  You know, that little holiday that you are supposed to wear green and bring out all your Irish for a day (read: drink a ton of beer)?  Yeah, that one!  The night before the big event, Alex asks me if we can make corned beef and cabbage the next day.  I looked at him like he was crazy and suggested that we go out to eat instead.  He agreed and we both quickly said we should go to Llywelyn’s Pub.  It’s Irish, the holiday is Irish.  It all just made sense.  So, on the morn of St. Paddy’s day we donned every piece of green we could find and set off to church.  After, we drove to Llywelyn’s and prayed that we could find a table.

Llywelyn’s was gearing up for a pretty massive party, but we got there as they opened.  We were quickly seated and left to take in the surroundings.  There was a handful of families that were trying to squeeze in a St. Patrick’s Day celebration before nap time.  The rest of the place was teeming with people who were there to party.  They obviously didn’t have kids and the day off on Monday.  Good for them.  Alex and I were slightly jealous.  All-in-all, we had a great time!  The food was good, the beer was cold, the kids were somewhat quiet.  Plus, we made it home in time for everyone to take a serious nap.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day to me!

Alex is so, so excited!


The building used to be an old bank. You can actually sit at tables in the old vault.


I’d usually be offended when someone grabs my boob in public. But, he’s awfully cute.


Alex got his corned beef and cabbage
(Notice the crayons – we were party animals!)


Isn’t is sad that he hated it so much?


The Details:

Llywelyn’s Pub

100 North Main Street

Saint Charles, MO 63301

Phone: 636.724.8520


Other locations: Central West End, Soulard, Webster Groves, Winghaven, & Wildwood


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