Purina Farms

St. Louis happens to be home of Purina Pet Food.  While that may not be that exciting, what is cool about having Purina near by is that they have a little place called ‘Purina Farms’.  It’s the go-to place for all things dog (shocking, huh?).  They have a huge expo center where they host dog (and cat) shows along with agility competitions.  Apparently it’s kind of a big deal on the dog circuit.  Since Lucy lays around and sleeps all day, it never crossed my mind that the sport would be so popular.  Not one to leave out other animals, Purina Farms is also home to several cows, pigs, sheep, bunnies, ducks, lambs, and horses.  What’s even cooler is that kids can pet the animals and run around like crazy people in their barn.  And, it’s all free!  You read that right.  FREE.  If we wouldn’t have bought lunch there or a bag of popcorn, we wouldn’t have spent a dime.

We went with some friends of ours for their ‘Springtime Village’ celebration.  Apparently the animals have all been busy over the winter having babies, and the Farm is busting with brand new young’ens.  Let me tell you, they were adorable.  Like, ‘I want to swaddle you in a blanket and cuddle you’ adorable.  I talked more baby talk there than I’m willing to admit…

Check out the attitude coming from Anna. I remember my sister making this same face on one of our vacations as a child.


Who knew that the Easter Bunny also lives at Purina Farms?!?!


Do me a favor and stick this puppy in my diaper bag. Oh, my mom’s looking. Be cool, lady, be cool.


Up close with the milk machine


Doesn’t that make you want to put booties on something?


My child, the monkey.


It’s about time she smiled. Apparently baby pigs do the trick.


This was right before she tried to squeeze the poor thing’s head off. Don’t worry, I stopped her.


Hey little guys – is there room for one more??


I think Anna has a thing for piglets…


Bring out the dogs!!


Lucy could totally do that. *cough, cough*


What makes it even more amazing is that this dog was drunk…


That dog was seriously springy.


  • You have to have reservations to visit.  Be sure to call WELL in advance of the day you’d like to go.  The reservation times fill up very quickly.
  • They don’t allow outside food and drink on the property.  However, the only place to grab a bite to eat is less than amazing (and pretty expensive).  Bring food to eat in your car or eat before you go.
  • Bring some hand sanitizer.  The only place to wash your hands is in a different building than where the animal petting happens.
  • Most of the activities are indoors.  The dog show is outside, so bundle up if it’s cold.
  • There are signs that say that the horses may bite.  Trust them.  They do.
  • Plan on watching the dog show.  It’s awesome!


The Details:

Purina Farms

200 Checkerboard Drive

Gray Summit, MO 63039

Phone: 314.982.3232 (to make reservations)


*Only open from mid-March to mid-November


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