Sometimes Poop is Better

I’ve heard of kids pooping and using it to ‘paint’ with.  I distinctly remember my sister telling me about her son doing just that and how disgusting she made it sound to clean up.  I remember thinking, ‘OMG – I would die if I had to deal with that’.  That was about a year and a half ago.

Fast forward to today.  Both kids were home sick from school.  (Read this to see why.) It was time for nap and both kids were in their room/bed. (Read – I’m Mother of the Freaking Year)  Anna is in a big girl bed, and was quiet so I assumed that she was sleeping.  You know what they say about assuming.

About an hour later, I hear her crying.  I go into her room and find her on top of her changing table with dark purple all over her.  I start to wipe it off of her face, hands, and arms while trying to figure out what she could have gotten into.  That’s when I turned around and saw this:

3-6-13 (1)

Yep, that’s paint.  Dark purple acrylic paint to be exact.  How did Anna get a bottle of that?  I have absolutely no idea.  But she did and she got it open. And, using a toothbrush, she proceeded to paint several walls, her chair, her ottoman, her side table, her lamp, and several spots on her carpet.  It was everywhere, and it was dry.

3-6-13 (2)

I’ll admit it.  I lost it.  I think I actually saw red.  Anna knew I was upset.  She got upset (probably to try to appeal to my softer side), and I put her in a perpetual timeout.  I had to regroup, calm down, and figure out what to do.  I grabbed a trash bag and started containing the mess as much as possible.  Meanwhile, Anna was still sobbing – which woke Luke up.  So, I had two crying kids and a huge mess on my hands.  I just closed the door and waited on Alex to come home.

3-6-13 (3)

After dinner, putting Luke to bed, and a ton of Googling – we attacked the purple.  Luckily the acrylic that Anna got ahold of was water based.  So, we were able to use soapy water and some isopropyl alcohol to get most of the paint off the walls, lamp, and table.  The panels on the walls will have to be repainted, but he lamp and side table are back to normal.  The chair and ottoman slip covers are soaking in the guest bathtub with the lamp shade.  We’re going to scrub those with a little cleaning cocktail tomorrow.  Fingers crossed!  We attempted to clean the carpet with soap/water and alcohol.  It didn’t quite work.  We’ve read that you should use glycerin.  Once we figure out where to buy that, we’ll try again.

3-6-13 (5)

Anna knew that we were upset with her.  She kept trying to be extra cute all afternoon to try to ‘make amends’.  We took away TV for the evening and made her help us clean.  Playing Picasso is all fun and games – until Mom and Dad make you scrub it off the furniture.  At some point, I’ll laugh about this.  Right now, not so much. But, I can’t help but think that poop would have been much easier to clean up…


9 thoughts on “Sometimes Poop is Better

  1. You can purchase small bottles of glycerin at most grocery stores, Wal-mart, Target, pharmacies etc. It’s usually near the soaps. 🙂

  2. Mix equal parts ammonia and water, saturate the spot. Heat your iron up. Take a white towel place over saturated spot use iron in 10 second increments and the towel should soak up stain. You may also have to do more than once. Good luck!

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