My kids – the germ bags

I’m convinced that my kids go to daycare and lick the doorknobs. Heck, maybe they are licking the other kids – just a straight shot of germs. I don’t know what they are doing, but they are constantly sick – especially this time of year. I mean, daycare is one big cesspool of snot and germs, so just walking in the door exposes you to more illness than the lab benches at the Center for Disease Control. I’ve been told that kids who go to daycare (or other areas with a bunch of children for extended periods of time) will develop more immunities and won’t be as sick as others when starting school. If that’s the case, we are setting our kids up to have record breaking immune systems. So, maybe we are actually helping them. Right? Well, that’s what I’m telling myself at least. This year alone they’ve both had a lingering cold (we like to call it a ‘daycare cold’), a sprinkling of stomach bugs, and a couple cases of RSV just to keep things interesting.


Because we are stellar parents and have been teaching our children to share, Alex and I have also been sick quite a bit. Anna and Luke haven’t figured out how to cover their mouth, so we end up with a face full of coughing and sneezes. It’s the parenting face treatment – it just ends with a cold or stomach bug. This ‘sick season’ alone has gifted me with a handful of colds and viruses. I spent an entire week taking the browns to the Super Bowl, if you get my drift. I felt great for a day, and then came down with another stomach bug the next day. Currently, I’m recuperating on the couch watching a little ‘Amish Mafia’ (this shit is cray cray) and counting down the days until warmer weather…


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