In Memorandum

Little Lamb swing, you have secured a place in our hearts.

When we first brought Anna home, she hated you.

She also looked amazingly small in you.

I thought for sure, your fast swinging would fling her across the room.

It didn’t.

Anna grew to love you.

She would lay in your coziness for hours, just rocking.

I grew to love you.

Little Lamb swing, you gave me a break.

Oh, how I love you, Little Lamb swing.

And then Anna’s curiosity began to grow.

She would watch herself in your mirror and reach for your toys.

And then she figured out how to turn sideways in the swing.

She would hang her head over the edge and look at things up-side-down.

Oh, how Anna loved to swing while hanging over the edge.

I about had a heart attack.

So, with sadness in my heart, I have to store you, Little Lamb swing.

Do not fear, Little Lamb swing.  We will meet again.

I’m praying that baby #2 will love you as much as Anna did.


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