Anna: 8th Month

Miss A, you are one busy girl! You spend all day crawling around the house exploring. You are so curious! Except for the mudroom – because it’s dark. You don’t go in there by yourself yet. I think one of these days you will work up the courage. You have been pulling up on everything you can get your hands on. You’ve also figured out how to squat down and pick something up while standing. And how to sit from standing. It’s a big improvement over just falling and smashing your head into things. 🙂 You also like to bounce. I think you might be part bouncing bean! One of your favorite places to stand is at the window. You stand there and survey the neighborhood! Little nosey girl! Your other favorite thing to do is taking off your socks. It’s getting cold, so I chase you around trying to put socks on you. Then you pull them right off! It’s a fun game (for you at least)! You are getting the hang of solid foods. You LOVE feeding yourself and usually insist on having bites of what I’m eating. You also figured out how to drink from a straw! You love getting your hands really dirty and then hanging them over the edge of the highchair for Lucy to lick. You two are BEST FRIENDS! I love it that you have such a bond with your doggie! It reminds me of when I was a little girl. You are really talking up a storm. You finally started saying Ma Ma (it’s about time)!! Yay! All day long you go, ba ba ba ba ga ga ga da da da ma ma ma ya ya ya ya da da ba ba ba. We have long babble conversations! You are quite the climber. I really have to keep an eye on you! Your favorite climbing spot is Lucy’s dog bed. You are also attracted to the stairs like a moth to a flame. Very scary for Mommy. You had your first Halloween this month! You were the cutest little punkin! We had a party and you had a blast playing with all the kiddos! You are getting so big!!



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