Apple Picking


Anna and I made the trek to Grafton, IL to go apple picking at Eckert’s Orchard with the PALS group from Francis Howell (our school district).  You can see what PALS is all about HERE.  So, we headed north through St. Charles county and boarded the Golden Eagle Ferry to cross the Mississippi River.

We drove a while further and boarded the Brussels Ferry to cross the Illinois River.


Anna was completely enthralled with both ferry rides…


After a demonstration from a sweet little lady named Mrs. Norris, we loaded on a tractor to go pick some apples.  They have over 50,000 apple trees.  That’s A LOT of trees!


They had green apples (my favorite!) …


But, Anna wanted the red ones!  Look at those little apple picking hands.


Anna was getting tired from apple hunting.  Taking a little break in the orchard.

All done!  Waiting on the tractor and examining the ‘goods’!


We had a blast and plan to go back!!  Get more info on Eckert’s HERE!!


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