Holy Garage Sale

Alex and I have been amassing a pile of crap since we moved into our house almost 2 years ago.  The pile is in the basement and has been steadily growing.  There was furniture, clothes, kitchen stuff, decor … almost everything you can think of.  I was okay with leaving the pile until it completely took over our basement, but Alex has it in his head that we should finish our basement. He wants to finish it OURSELVES… That’s for another post.  So, the crap pile had to be moved in order to make room for new walls.  All signs pointed to having a big-@ss garage sale.  That big-@ss sale was this weekend. 


It took forever just carrying everything up to the garage.  We arranged it all in sections and ran out of time to put prices on anything.  I put an ad on Craigslist and in the St. Louis Post.  I also spread signs all over the place.  We decided to have the sale on Friday from 4-8pm and Saturday from 7am-1pm.  The last garage sale we had (in Kentucky) was a major failure.  We had about 10 people show up and made about $20.  Ended up donating everything.  I had high expectations for our Kentucky garage sale and was so disappointed when it went down the toilet.  So, I told myself to have absolutely no expectations for this sale.  Whatever happens, happens and I would be okay with that.


Thirty minutes before I was supposed to open the door on Friday, there were 3 cars waiting.  I really thought that I would be able to handle the garage sale and Anna by myself before Alex got home from work.  I think my exact words to Alex were something like, “I bet that no one even comes by before you get home.”  What ensued after I opened the door was nothing short of complete and utter chaos.  I had people badgering about prices, asking for boxes, fighting over items, yelling at each other, and moving everything around from its place.  I.N.S.A.N.E.  At some point Anna needed a bottle, so I’m attempted to feed her (while walking around) and taking money from people.  My sweetheart of a neighbor came over at some point and ended up giving Anna the rest of her bottle.  I was dripping with sweat…  Things eventually settled down and Alex made it home from work (Thank God!).  Saturday was very steady and we ended up staying open until 2!


What really amazes me about the whole garage sale thing is just what people want to buy.  I looked around the garage before the sale and I only saw junk.  Just crap that was ugly and old (at least I thought).  It is so true that “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.  I had people that came back 4 times.  There were several people that came both days.  People that came back with friends.  People that sent someone to the ATM so they could shop more.  It was like we were selling crack.  People couldn’t get enough!  I swear some of the people are going to be in an upcoming episode of ‘Hoarders’.  One guy was looking at the BBQ grill we were selling and informed us that he has 4 BBQ grills at home.  I can maybe see a BBQ pitmaster needing 4 BBQ grills, but honestly – who needs that many grills?  I almost felt guilty, like I was enabling the hoarders that live around me.  But then I pushed that aside in order to get rid of as much crap as possible.  Hey, if they’re buying, who cares where they put the stuff??


One guy came back a second time just to buy 5lb hand weights.  One lady forgot to buy a decorative screen when she was here on Friday.  So, she came back on Saturday and brought her friend.  They each bought a screen and several other items.  Another girl showed up on Saturday wearing a pair of shoes that she bought on Friday.


I had people that would pick up the most random stuff and then try to talk me down on the price…


“Hey, what do you want for the 5-foot-tall tie-dye, dancing dog statue?”

“I’ll take $5.”

“Hmmm, that’s a little steep.  Would you do $4.95?”

“Umm, ok.”


I had one guy that wanted a 13-year-old laptop I had for sale.  I thought the thing was only good for a paperweight.  He wanted to know if I would take less and we had an in-depth discussion of a possible password for the machine.  Honestly, all I could concentrate on was the big booger that was hanging out of his nose.  I’m not even sure what I was saying to him.  I hope I made a little bit of sense.


The garage sale was wildly popular and a HUGE success.  Thank goodness, since we have all of those medical bills that popped up.  The people that came were very excited about their purchases, and I was happy for them!  We had several offers to buy Anna.  However, they were either too low or just didn’t pan out… I’m kidding.  We could never sell our sweet little girl!  We are setting up a time for the Salvation Army to come pick up everything else.  Next step: Finishing the basement (expect future posts).

Look at all of that crap…


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