Mail Anyone?

I remember when I was in college and it was my daily ritual to eat lunch with my friends and then swing by the post office to check my mailbox.  It was exciting and fun.  I felt mature, because real adults get mail!  I hardly ever had anything in there, but it was always a red letter day when you saw the little package slip waiting for you.  I’d stand in the package line trying to look cool/nonchalant and hide my excitement.  Maybe I liked checking my box so much because I was one of the lucky people that didn’t have to lay on the floor to see if there was anything in their box.  I also didn’t have to share the box with anyone.  Vandy people, you know you are jealous! 🙂


Fast forward to today – I had to drag myself to the mailbox and picked up several days worth of mail.  I’d been putting it off, and the mailman tends to get angry when he can’t stuff anything else in the box.  And no one likes an angry mailman…  It’s no longer an exciting and fun ritual.  Why??  Because real adults get real mail…  Once I weed through the fliers, endless credit card applications, junk, and catalogs all that remains are bills.  Bills are no fun.  No more package slips.  No more excitement.  Just bills.  Lots of bills.  Someone remind me why I was so ready to be done with college??


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