Anna: 6th Month

We started solids this month and you don’t know what to think! You were very excited until the food is in your mouth. Then you make this funny little face like ‘what the heck is this??’. It’s really cute. Hopefully you will take to solids more than you did with formula. One day there was a toy just outside of your reach. You crawled to it – army-style. You quickly mastered the skill of crawling on your belly. You really have no interest in sitting. Why sit when you can move around?? I hope you figure it out at some point so I don’t fail you as a parent. You got your first tooth (after months of drooling and chewing). The bottom right middle tooth broke through. The weekend after that, your second tooth pushed through right next to the first! Hopefully we will get a little break from teething… You are still very talkative! You can say ba-ba, ga-ga, and da-da (which upsets ma-ma because I spend all day with you). When I tell you to say ma-ma, you just laugh. You and Lucy have become best friends. You spend your days chewing on each other!




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