Needed: A Doggy Therapist

A few weeks ago I noticed some potty stains in our dining room and one in a guest bedroom.  Anna wears a diaper and I’m pretty sure I wasn’t peeing on the floor.  So, that leaves Alex and Lucy.  After an uncomfortable confrontation with Alex … we decided it was Lucy that was using our carpet as a toilet.  Initially we thought that we weren’t letting her out enough and decided to keep an eye on it. Fast forward to today, and my dining room is a mine field of doggy pee.  Gross.  Not only can you see it, but it’s making the house smell.  Completely disgusting.

I called the vet and made an appointment.  When Lucy was a puppy she had quite a few issues with her ‘lady parts’.  She kept getting UTI’s and they figured out that her confirmation was off.  Basically, her vi-jay-jay pointed the wrong way.  Naturally we paid for our dog to have vaginal reconstructive surgery – I know what you are thinking.  Yes, my dog has had plastic surgery on her chucky.  There are people that are less fortunate… The surgery solved everything and she was completely house-broken.  Until now.  So, I was hoping that maybe she had another UTI.  Wrong.  Her urine was tested and came back completely clean.  Now what??

The vet explained that Lucy is having an emotional response to having a new baby in the house.  Basically she feels left out and it’s causing her anxiety.  When Lucy gets upset, her brain is telling her to pee in the dining room.  Apparently she isn’t doing it to be spiteful… The solution?  We have to re-potty train her.  We are breaking out the gates to keep her in certain parts of the house and rewarding her for going outside.  Also, we have to plan special activities that include Lucy so she doesn’t feel so left out.

All this makes me wonder – maybe it would be easier to hire a doggy therapist.  Couldn’t you just see it – Lucy lounging on a couch telling someone about how she only gets half as many belly rubs as before??  I feel bad for her, I really do.  I guess this is the classic case of ‘older sibling jealousy’.  I wonder if this means we are going to have to re-potty train Anna when baby #2 makes an arrival??

For now, I will be trying to get the urine smell out of my carpet so that my house doesn’t smell like a puppy mill.  I’m taking this opportunity to shampoo the all the carpet, throughout the house.  It can’t hurt,  especially since Anna has taken to rolling around on the carpet with her mouth wide open.  Time to implement the ‘No Shoes In The House’ policy (while simultaneously petting Lucy, of course)…

Anna loves giving Lucy attention!!


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