Going to Colorado … Now What??

So, my father is a part-owner of a ranch in Colorado.  He’s been trying to get all of us out there for months now, but it never worked out.  Well, it was decided last week that we need to go out there for business stuff.  Why not mix business with pleasure and bring the whole clan??  Everyone but Alex and my brother-in-law are flying out Thursday morning and returning on Tuesday.  The husbands are coming on Friday and flying back on Sunday so they don’t have to miss very much work.


Several things are going through my mind now.  What the heck is Anna supposed to wear and how am I going to manage to get us there??  The weather in Colorado is a bit different than St. Louis.  The high right now is in the low 70’s and it gets down to the high 40’s at night.  So, what does Anna need to wear??  Long sleeves? Long pants? Cardigans? Fleece jackets? Winter jackets? Snow suit? Full on Eskimo gear???  Ok, kidding.  Anna is still wearing 0-3 month clothes, but will probably switch to 3-6 month stuff next month or so.  All of her 0-3 month stuff is summer clothes.  She definitely didn’t have any kind of warm coat.  It was obvious that we needed to go shopping – hate it when that happens!  We picked up some more socks, long sleeve onesies, and a few pairs of pants at the Carters outlet store (read: HEAVEN!).  However, nowhere we looked had any type of coat in 3-6 months (I figured I’d get a size bigger so she could use it this fall).  So I went to this place called ‘Once Upon A Child’.  It’s a re-sale place for all things kids.  You can find some great deals there on some really nice clothes.  This trip did not disappoint!  I didn’t find 1 jacket – I found 5!  I also found several long sleeve onesie outfits that will be perfect for the trip.  Score!  Now, how do I pack everything??


Just some of my finds!


Which brings me to my next concern.  How do I pack everything and what goes where?  How much formula, bottles, and diapers do I pack?  What kind of outfit should Anna be in to make the day easier?  Flying with a 5-month-old is a whole new realm to me.  Anna has a ticket so I plan on bringing her big stroller with car seat.  I plan on gate-checking the stroller and putting her in the car seat on the plane. I’m hoping that I can get everything for both of us in two checked suitcases.  I have to have Anna’s diaper bag and then a carry-on for myself.  I just keep having visions of myself, barefoot, wrestling the diaper bag and carry-on through security while schlepping an infant around on my hip.  I have to wonder, if Anna has shoes on – will I have to take hers off??  I feel frazzled already.  And then I start thinking about how am I going to keep her entertained while we wait?  How am I supposed to comfort her during take-off and landing when the pressure changes??  (I’ve heard bottles and pacifiers help.)  I just pray that she isn’t the annoyingly loud screaming baby that seems to always be on flights…


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