Anna: 5th Month

This was a big month for you!! After trying to figure out how to roll over for a while, you did it!! That bottom arm would always keep you from getting all the way over. I swear you tried to chew it off at one point to get it out of your way. But, you figured it out and all of your limbs are still in tact! Once you rolled once, you quickly perfected it. You want to roll instead of nap. You love sleeping on your belly or side now. It’s so cute. Sometimes you sleep with your little rear sticking up in the air. You seem comfy, so I never move you. You really started talking this month and you have A LOT to say! You figured out how to blow raspberries and you do it constantly! We are working on sitting, but you aren’t really interested. You’d rather be on your belly (now that it’s on your terms) and rolling around. You found your feet too! You’ve been chewing on your little piggies and spending a good deal of time staring at your feet. You are learning things so quickly!



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