The Eye’s Have It

Anna had an appointment with Dr. Andrew Blatt, a pediatric opthamologist, today.  I noticed her left eye turning in a bit at times.  Her pediatrician noticed it at her 4-month appointment and had me follow-up with a specialist.  So, that was today.


We walked into the office and the receptionists LOVED Anna.  They were saying how happy she is and cute and yada yada yada.  It was nice for people to see that she is actually happy!  For the first 3 months of Anna’s life, no one would have even thought to have said that about her because all she did was cry.  Well, the appointment ended up taking 2 hours.  They brought us into an exam room and the nurse checked Anna out.  Then we went back into the waiting room.  Then back to the exam room for the doc to see her and to get drops to dilate her eyes.  She hated that.  Then back to the waiting room for a bit.  Then back to another exam room so Dr. Blatt could look at the back of her eyes.  At one point she had a poopy diaper.  Another point she was hungry, so I gave her a bottle.  Then she fell asleep in my arms near the end.  Every time we were moved I had to carry her, the carseat, the diaper bag, and whatever else was out of the bag at the time.  I swear that mothers should be implanted with a third arm when they give birth.  I carry stuff with my teeth at times.  I’d move the diaper bag and stuff would spill out.  I had a little trail following me where ever I went.  I was a mess.  By the end of the appointment, I needed to take a nap in someone’s arms.


So, good news from the doctor.  She is tracking objects really well.  He was extremely pleased by that.  He looked at the back of her eyes once they were dilated and they look great.  He did not see her eye turning in today, so he thinks it’s related to her age.  Preemies are more prone to eye problems and having their eyes turn in.  A child’s eyes should be aligned straight by 4 months of age (that’s adjusted age).  Anna is 19 weeks, but her adjusted age is 12 weeks.  So, he wants us to monitor it.  Dr. Blatt was confident that it would resolve itself as she aged.  I’ve also noticed Anna’s head shaking when she is looking at something.  I’ve only seen it twice, but I asked Dr. Blatt about it.  It can be a sign of something neurological, but he thinks it has to do with her age.  We are supposed to monitor that as well.  We have another appointment in 2 months.  They told me to guard Anna’s eyes from direct sun for the rest of the day.  They asked if I would like a pair of their sunglasses for her.  I explained that she travels with her own pair.  A princess always accessories!!


Leaving the eye doctor in style!


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