Anna Oakley

We went out to dinner tonight.  Anna was hungry, so I fed her as soon as we got to the restaurant.  Alex ate his salad while Anna sucked down 4 ounces of formula.  When Anna was done, I put her on my shoulder to burp her.  There was a lady sitting right behind me, so I asked Alex to burp Anna just in case she decided to vomit.  I figured the lady behind me wouldn’t appreciate a deep conditioning puke treatment on her hair and there wasn’t anyone behind Alex.  So, I handed Anna to Alex and started to eat my salad.  I was about 2 chews into my first bite when Anna started projectile puking all over the place.  She got it all over Alex’s shirt, his pants (his wallet was even wet in his pocket), the booth, and the floor.  It was everywhere but on Anna…


Call it motherly intuition or something else, but Anna was so close to upchucking all over a stranger.  I think Anna was just giving Alex an early Father’s Day gift.  Whatever the reason, Anna has a great shot.  Maybe her new nickname should be Anna Oakley!!


Sad Face After Getting Slimed

Alex was a little whiney about having puke all over him in public. I informed him that the worst is when the vomit goes down your shirt and pools in your bra. Then you get it all over your face when you have to take your shirt off to change. My sister informed me that it gets really hairy when kids start to potty train. Can’t wait!!!


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