4-Month Appointment

Well, I’m a little sad to say that my little girl is growing up.  When I was a little girl, I promised my parents that I would never grow up.  Much to my annoyance, they would remind me of this promise at different points in my childhood.  Usually it was right about the time I was trying to be a little more independent or being a brat (I know that’s hard to imagine – but it happened a few times).  If only it were that easy to keep your child little forever…


Sadly (ok, I’m kidding), Anna is becoming more and more active and alert. She is REALLY close to rolling over from back to belly. She gets her legs kicked around but then can’t figure out what to do with her bottom arm. She usually puts that bottom hand in her mouth. I think she’s trying to chew off her arm to get it out of the way! She’s getting to the point of recognizing her hands, but we aren’t there yet. She will reach up and pull her hair and then start to cry! Anna likes to sit in her Bumbo so she can look around, but she is really into standing. When I hold her so she can put weight on her legs, she just grins like crazy and squeals. It’s adorable! We have been putting her in her exersaucer (with a blanket wrapped around her belly). She LOVES it! It’s amazing to watch her learn. My favorite is our conversations. To the outside person all they hear are sounds and squeals. However, we are talking about everything!! Sometimes Anna will push her bottle out of her mouth while she’s eating so that she can talk for a bit. After a few minutes of cooing and gurgling, she’s ready to eat some more. She really does have quite a bit to say!


On to the doctor updates – I took Anna to the GI for a follow-up appointment.  He is pleased with her growth and wants to keep everything the same as far as medicine and formula.  She will go back to see him in September and we will talk about getting rid of the medicine or getting her off of the powdered gold formula.  He doesn’t think it is early enough for her to have outgrown the reflux at this point.  He did inform me that his new grandson is going through some reflux issues so he can relate a bit more to me.  Nice to know now that Anna is doing really well (knock on wood).  I will note that he didn’t look at me like a crazy person this time.  I’ll take whatever I can get!

Anna also had her 4-month appointment with her pediatrician.  She was talking up a storm the entire time!  (Why am I not surprised that my child has a lot to say??)  Anna weighs 11lb, 4oz and is 24.25 inches long (18 weeks old).  The doc was very pleased with her growth and development.  He would usually start a 4-month old child on some solid food, but wants to wait with Anna.  He isn’t comfortable with solids until she is at least 13lbs.  So, we will revisit that at her 6-month appointment.  I asked him to check her eyes because I thought I noticed her left eye turning in slightly at times.  He saw it too, just slightly, but wants us to have it checked out.  He gave me the name of a pediatric opthamologist.  I called to make an appointment on our way home from the pediatrician.  She goes on the 24th.  Dr. Schlansky said that there is therapy that could be done if there is a muscle imbalance between the eyes.  Surgery is a last resort, but also a possibility.  It could also be a thing where the specialist says to watch it for a bit because of her prematurity.  I think it will be completely fine … just have to wait for now.  I also asked him when her teeth should start to come in because she’s been drooling quite a bit.  He said that kids usually get their first tooth around 6-7 months (adjusted age).  So, we shouldn’t expect any teeth until around 8-9 months (adjusted age).  But, Dr. Schlansky said if there’s one thing you can’t count on, it’s babies.

Who me??  I’m just playing in my exersaucer!


I don’t have bad hair days…

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