Anna: 4th Month

You have finally started having more happy times than crying times. You smiled at a woman on an elevator and she commented about how happy you are. Mommy cried. That was the first time anyone described you as happy. Before that, you were always labeled as fussy or colicky. It was our turning point. Also, the doctors said to let you sleep at night instead of waking you to eat. Mommy and Daddy finally got a full night of sleep. Another turning point! You have the biggest, prettiest smile. You are quite the talker already. You found your hands and trying to figure out how to work them. It’s so cute! Mommy and Daddy started giving you a bath every night, much to your delight. Bath time is your favorite! It’s probably because you absolutely love to be naked. Mommy hopes you aren’t a little streaker when you are older. Mommy was when I was little.





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