Cardinals’ Teensiest Fan

 We took Anna to her very first Cardinals baseball game on Thursday afternoon.  My mom and dad came up for the big event.  The Cards played the Atlanta Braves.  Well, ‘played’ should be used loosely.  The Cards slaughtered the Braves 10 to 4.  It was AWESOME!  Except for the occasional peanut shell in your eye due to the extreme wind conditions, the game was a blast.  Our seats were great, although I never sat in them.  It was really sunny – too much for Anna.  So, my mom and I found some nice seats in the shade.  They happen to be the handicap seats at the top of one section.  I equate us to the people who park in the handicap spots in parking lots and clearly do not need them (can’t stand that!).  I felt a little guilty, but they ended up being great seats.

So, I have to add that we kept getting the dirtiest looks.  I guess people thought that Anna was too little to be at the ballpark.  I would overhear people making comments about how tiny she was and how she was a ‘brand new baby’.  I would look at some of them and say my standard line, “She’s actually 3 months old but was 7 weeks early.  That’s why she looks so small.”  There was one girl who commented about how cute Anna was and then turned to her boyfriend and snootily asked him why someone would bring a baby to a ballgame.  Hello!  Parents are allowed to have lives too!  I just gave her a dirty look…

There were quite a few people who were absolutely in love with Miss Anna Banana.  Honestly, how could you not be?? 🙂


50% Mom, 50% Dad, 100% Cardinal Fan


Totally Engrossed in the Game


Daddy and Baby at the game


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