Anna Banana – Almost 3 Months Old!

Went to the GI. Again. Anna gained 20 grams since last week.  That’s a fraction of an ounce.  She’s 9lb 5oz and 21.6in long.  I was concerned.  What’s new?  The doctor was not.  Again, what’s new?  He said that her average over 3 weeks was good even though she hadn’t gained anything this past week.  It seems like the doctors are constantly changing their mind.  Extremely annoying and frustrating and any other word you can think of to describe an annoying situation.

I mentioned to the doctor that Anna always gets the fussiest around 5pm each night.  He looked perplexed and said that it sounds like colic.  Are you kidding me?  He acknowledges that Anna has reflux, but is it possible to have colic on top of that?  And what the heck is colic anyway?  I thought it was this phantom illness that was used to describe fussy babies but the reason for the fussiness was from something else.  The doctor then said that colic goes away around 3 months of age.  However, he did not know if that was gestational age or actual age.  Anna is about 11.5 weeks old, but gestationally 4.5 weeks.  There’s a bit of a difference there.  Is it even possible to have reflux and colic at the same time?

Anyway, the GI gave me the same speech he does every time I’m there.  “I think we are effectively turning off the acid, so there’s nothing else to do but wait.”  Easy for him.  Seriously, they make me feel like a crazy person at times.

I know I keep sounding a bit negative.  I’m not usually a negative person.  I promise.


Taking a nap with my paci – Finally quiet for a bit.


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