2-Month Appointment

Anna had her 2 month well-baby appointment last Friday.  I’m not sure if I was more nervous about her shots or her weigh-in.  My mom drove up to go to the appointment with us.  I think I wanted her there for emotional support more than anything. 🙂 Anna was 8lb, 9oz and 22in long.  She’s in the 30th percentile for length and 8th for weight.  The pediatrician said that he is alright with her weight gain because it’s consistent.  He said he would be alright if she ate more and gained quicker, but he’s fine with where she is.  Her growth is following the chart pretty well.  So, now I don’t know what to think.  One minute a doctor is telling me she isn’t gaining enough per week and the next they are saying it’s alright.  Even the handout on development for her age says she should be gaining one ounce a day (Anna’s gaining 3 ounces a week), but that all babies are different.    Explain to me why I shouldn’t be concerned???  Dr. Schlansky did ask us to have her weight checked a few times before her next appointment (at 4 months).  Again, is he concerned or not??  I’m so freaking confused….
I spoke with the pediatrician about the vaccine schedule.  I was concerned because Anna doesn’t weigh as much as a typical 2-month old and I didn’t know how the vaccines would effect her.  He explained that the vaccines are based on age and that he would be comfortable giving her the vaccines even if she was only 5 pounds.  I also spoke to him about the link between vaccines and autism.  He scoffed it off saying that the original article that made that claim has since been recanted.   Apparently the doctor who wrote the article was getting some monetary returns by making that claim.  So, there is no scientific evidence to back the link.  Although they do not know what causes autism (could be biochemical or genetics) it is not thought to be vaccine related.  I felt better after talking to the doctor and went ahead with the vaccines.  Anna wasn’t too happy with that… They had 2 nurses give her shots at the same time and then she had to drink one vaccine.  I thought the shots at the same time was a great idea.  Anna didn’t.  She screamed like a banshee.  They gave her Barbie Princess Band-Aids.  Adorable, as far as Band-Aids go.

What a little trooper!!


I purchased a membership to Sam’s Club the other day.  I figured it would be the best place to buy diapers and anything else I might need in bulk.  Can I ask what someone would need 2 gallons of dill pickles for?  Unless you are the Duggars and have a small army to feed, I can’t imagine any use for all of those pickles.


Speaking of the Duggars, I’ve been watching their show lately.  What can I say, I’m home all day and it’s always on TLC.  It’s a bit comforting to watch them.  If they can raise 19 children and still manage to not kill each other, I think I can handle 1.


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